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23 Jul 21
Trumpf reports €3.5 billion in annual sales – again

2020-2021 sales match previous year’s level. Order book looking “strong” despite impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

22 Jul 21
Lumibird bids to buy Areva’s stake in laser maker CILAS

Deal “to be finalized soon” will give Lumibird access to laser weapons and deformable mirror tech.

22 Jul 21
Jenoptik achieves ‘record’ trading in second quarter

Guidance for 2021 raised as both revenue and order intake increase significantly.

22 Jul 21
VTG wins US Navy contract to fit battleships with counter-UAS laser

Optical Dazzler Interdictor, Navy (“ODIN”) directed energy weapon destined for five U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke-class destroyers.

22 Jul 21
Nonlinear optical microscopy reveals details of ancient parchments

French project develops new method to optimize restoration of fragile items.

21 Jul 21
Record lithography orders at ASML as chip firms ‘crave’ capacity

Nearly €5BN orders for extreme ultraviolet tools alone as memory chip makers adopt latest processes.

21 Jul 21
‘Super laser’ installed on Swiss mountain to act as lightning rod

Trumpf and University of Geneva conduct experiments for EU’s Laser Lightning Rod project on Säntis mountain.

21 Jul 21
Aurora targets trucking with $2BN SPAC merger plan

Latest automotive lidar developer to list on the public markets could be the biggest yet.

20 Jul 21
Luminar buys photodiode supplier OptoGration

Automotive lidar pioneer has been working with the maker of InGaAs chips for the past five years.

20 Jul 21
LightPath and RP Optical Lab developing thermal cameras for space

Israel-Florida funded project is supported by UCF’s Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers.

20 Jul 21
EPFL removes lead hazard from perovskite photovoltaics

Incorporating transparent phosphate salt makes perovskite cells safer for the environment.

19 Jul 21
Veoneer partners with Baraja to deliver Spectrum-Scan LiDAR...

...and further self-driving LiDAR announcements from AEye & Nvidia; and ON Semiconductor & AutoX’s Gen5 solution.

Infrared sensing using nanocrystal toward on demand light matter coupling 06 May

New Imaging Technology

Nanocrystals are semiconductor nanoparticles whose optical properties can be tuned from UV up to THz. They are used as sources of green and red light for displays, and also show exhibit promises to design low-cost infrared detectors. Coupling subwavelength optical resonators to nanocrystals film enables to design photodiodes that absorb 80% of incident light from thin (<150 nm) nanocrystal film. It thus becomes possible to overcome the constraints linked to the short diffusion lengths which result from transport by hopping within arrays of nanocrystals enabling high photoresponse detector operating in the SWIR range.

The Solution to Coating DLC on Chalcogenides 29 Apr


Coating chalcogenides with DLC is notoriously challenging and requires specialized technical expertise to meet the high performance and durability demands of IR applications

5 Applications of Gratings 29 Apr

Wasatch Photonics

Diffraction gratings that operate in transmission can be used for many different applications, providing high efficiency, low stray light, and a range of dispersion options from 150-5000 lines/mm and operating at wavelengths 300-2500 nm. They also enable more compact, lens-based designs. Here, we review the top 5 most popular applications we see at Wasatch Photonics, and how our VPH transmission gratings excel at each.

Interfacing the Vision Research S990 to the BitFlow Cyton-CXP frame grabber 07 Dec 2020


This document explains how to interface the Vision Research S990, a high speed camera running 4K x 2k at 1000 FPS, to the Cyton-CXP4.

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