A Shakeology Review to Give You the Lowdown on Shakeology

Everyone is looking for the way to make it easier to reach their weight loss goals or to get the nutrition that they need when they are on the run all day every day. There have been many products on the market that claim to provide these benefits, but all of them have fell short. Now on the market is Shakeology. The question is, does Shakeology step up where the others have failed? This Shakeology Review will answer that question, and more, before it is all done.

What is Shakeology?

The first thing that you will want to know in this Shakeology Review is what is this thing, Shakeology, anyway. Well, before you even look at the specs of the product or a single picture of the product, you can probably guess that this is a shake product based on the name.

Shakeology can be used a a nutritional shake that you take in place of a snack, or it can be used as a meal replacement option.

According to the company that produces Shakeology, this is a health shake that provides you with nutrients from around the world all in one low calorie shake. In fact, the nutrients in one shake are the equivalent to over $40 worth of food, that you would have to eat in one sitting. To equate the nutrients found in this shake, you would have to eat:

1 shot of wheat grass
1 bowl of exotic fruit
1 cup of peas
3 raw onions
3 cups of romaine lettuce
4 cups raw broccoli
4 cups of raw mushrooms
4 cups red radishes
4 cups non-fat yogurt
7 carrots
10 cups of raw cauliflower

Right off the bat, beachbody coaches the creators of Shakeology, underestimated the cost of the food. The numbers should be a bit higher than what they suggested.

Shakeology Nutrition Facts

There are two flavors of Shakeology from which you can choose, chocolate and greenberry.

The chocolate Shakeology shake contains 150 calories per scoop of powder. It has a total of 1 gram of fat and zero grams of saturated fat per shake. There are 17 grams of carbs in this product as well, so it isn’t designed for a low carb diet.

The greenberry Shakeology shake contains 140 calories per scoop of powder. It has half a gram of total fat and 19 grams of carbs.

Both of these products contain:

Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E, K1
Folic Acid
Pantothenic Acid

Shakeology Ingredients

There are over 70 ingredients in Shakeology and they are broken up into categories on the Shakeology ingredient list. These categories are:

Phytonutrient Super-Greens Blend
Antioxidant Super-Fruit Blend
Proprietary Adaptogen Herb Blend
Proprietary Fruit Powder Blend
Proprietary Nondairy Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend
Proprietary Digestive Enzyme Blend
Other Ingredients

The list of ingredients in these products are quite impressive. They include things like flax seed, apple fiber powder, chlorella, blue green algae, spinach powder, acai powder, suma root powder and much more. You need to see for yourself all of the ingredients found in these products to really understand where all of the nutrients come from.

Shakeology Recipes

Everyone knows that taste is relative. While many people find the taste of the Shakeology shakes delicious, in reviews, there were some people who found the taste to be a little less appealing.

Because of this, and to provide you with other ways to enjoy your shake, Beachbody created a recipe center on their Shakeology website and provide some recipes for the shakes so that you can mix things up a little. What’s more, people who use Shakeology for themselves can submit their own recipes to share with other people so that can experience a new taste with their shake.

Shakeology Price

There is no getting around the fact that Shakeology isn’t cheap. The cost is $119.95 for a months supply. It is based on an auto send program, which means that each month your credit card will be charged for the new batch of shakes. The shipping is free for your shakes and, right now, Beachbody is offering two free gifts when you purchase the auto send program.

If you aren’t sure about the product at this price, there are two things that you will want to consider. First of all, Shakeology offers a sample pack that allows you to determine for yourself whether or not this is the shake program for you.

Secondly, they are offering a risk free 30 day trial. You can use your Shakeology and you can use every last grain of powder if you lie, but if you aren’t satisfied for any reason then you can get your money back.

You also want to remember that the nutrients in one glass of Shakeology is the equivalent to the nutrients found in $40 worth of food. One glass of Shakeology costs about $4; this is a dramatic difference in price!

Shakeology Results

Of course, before you make your final decision about Shakeology, you will want to know if it works. One of the most common compliments that Shakeology receives in independent Shakeology Reviews is that it provides energy.

In addition, people who started taking this product to lose weight said it worked for two reasons. First of all, it filled them up and secondly it provided them with extra energy to workout and get fit.

Will it work for you? The bottom line is that this is a great product with loads of nutrients. In order to see if it will work for you, then you need to try it. If $119 seems like too much to test a product, then try their sample pack, which provides with two packets of each flavor, and find out for yourself, just how good you can feel with Shakeology.

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