The Curtain’s Coming Down on A Different Kind of Work

It has been a blast being here these last five years.

During that time I’ve built up quite a body of work about making work work for you. Not from any conventional perspective, but from the perspective of who you are as a person and what really makes you tick.

I’m proud of what I’ve created and I feel blessed for the opportunity the site has given me to connect with some fabulous people and to develop both a clear point of view and unique writing voice.

In recent months, however, I’ve awakened to a much deeper understanding of what it’s all about.

It’s a long story. If you’re interested to read the whole thing, check it out here.

But in essence, I’m rolling the edginess of my offering here into my core business, Livingston Consulting, recreating and revitalizing it in the process.

So, to allow a new curtain to rise, the curtain on this site is coming down.

If you’re already subscribed to me here, don’t worry, I’ve still got your back and will be emailing you soon to invite you to come play with me in my new adventures.

If you’re new and intrigued, sign up here and be part of the next exciting chapter.