Team Carbonmade

A Whale of a Happy Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday to our resident Canadian Angela! She writes all the (adjective) copy for Carbonmade, which is why I'm writing this and the words aren't very good. She spent this weekend on a boat staring at all kinds of whales and other (adjective) sea creatures. Hope it was a good one, Frecks!

— Mark

App Updates

Statistically Speaking, You've Got Stats!

We pulled out our abacuses and high powered tracking robots to corncobble together some useful statistical type info for your viewing pleasure. With the new Stats app, you can keep an eye on all the cool dudes and dudettes checking out your work. You'll be able to see:

  • views and visitors by month and by year
  • your most popular projects
  • where people are finding your portfolio
  • and what devices they're using to view your work

The Stats app is available now for folks on Whoo! and LASER WHALE plans!

SPECIAL THING: As a special statistical surprise for long-time Carbonmaders, we've captured a full year's worth of past traffic. Take in those historic peaks and valleys with pride!

App Updates

Awards & Exhibitions Blurbs

You don't always have to shout your successes from the rooftops, but it helps to have a place to list 'em all out. We've added two new copy blocks to the About section for Awards and Exhibitions. Whether you've put on a fancy gallery show, won the Palme d'Or at Cannes or just hauled in a giant gleaming trophy fish, you can quickly add your accolades for all to see in a fresh, tidy format. Celebrate good times, come on!

App Updates

Introducing Okay and LASER WHALE

You've asked and we've answered with a couple new ways to pay for your Carbonmade. For those of you who need a bit more room to show off your work, we're introducing the Okay plan. It extends the free account with extra projects and some great personalization features. It's just the thing to make your portfolio look even more professionaler. At only $6/month or $59/year, it's a steal!

And for those of you looking to blow things out of the water, we're introducing LASER WHALE. Our best possible plan gives you unlimited projects and everything Carbonmade has to offer. It unlocks premium themes and gives you first access to Webcat. Priced at $24/month or $199/year, it's a downright bargain.

You can check out the plans on offer by clicking "Upgrade" in the home column or visiting our Pricing page. Awooga!

App Updates

New Theme: Sidescroll

Sideways is the direction of art galleries and museums and thus Sidescroll moves in a left to right fashion to show off your work. Our team of design pros lovingly crafted it to be clean, modern and ridiculously good-looking. It makes all kinds of work sparkle but was hand-woven with photographers, fashionistas, architects and visual art types in mind.

What's so darn great about Sidescroll?

  • it's Retina ready to look great on even the highest res screens
  • it's designed responsively so that it'll look good on the desktop, mobile and your fridge's LCD
  • it has three color moods to choose from as accents
  • it will hug you when you've had a hard day (no guarantees)
App Updates

New Feature: Custom Section Titles

Want to personalize your portfolio a wee bit more? Now you can add custom titles to your sections. You could change 'About' to 'Profile' or 'Contact' to 'Say Hello!' It's a nifty way to make your portfolio shine brighter and smell real good.

PAID FEATURE: Paying customers can take it to the limit by adding external links! Link up to your blog, store or Pinterest board about feral unicorns.

Team Carbonmade

Say hello to our new Implementation Designer, Masha!

We're pretty excited to announce yet another awesome addition to Team Carbonmade. Masha Safina is not only a whiz at front end development but she is ridiculously good at math. She even has her Masters in it! (I assume that is very good. I don't math.)

When she's not helping us turn pixels and pretty designs into rad web things, we've learned that she was born in Surgut, Russia, likes to play Assassin's Creed and enjoys putting food in her face at Saturday brunch. Oh, and she's theoretically carnivorous which means that the vegheads are now thoroughly outnumbered on the team. Whoo!

Welcome to Carbonmade, Masha. We look forward to watching you do great things with code and implementation and design and stuff. Math yeah!!

Team Carbonmade

Say howdy to our new doodlin' designer, James Barnes!

Exciting new things are afoot these days in the land of Carbonmade! For one, we pulled our lean, svelte, glistening hardbodies out of NYC and plopped them in the vast untamed wilderness of downtown Chicago. We'll share photos of our new digs shortly!

For two, we hired the dashing gentleman above to help us make doodles and designs that will knock all of your socks off. James is the former creative director at Grooveshark and joins us in Chicago by way of Gainesville. He is a chronic scribbler, a pun master and plans to school us all with his vast understanding of snakes, lizards and assorted creepy crawlies. His love of slitherin' critters is fine by us. And if that isn't enough, he is also rake thin and fast on his feet - which will probably come in handy when he "accidentally" unleashes a horde of bitey serpents into the office area.

So yeah, welcome to Carbonmade, young man! It sounds like you're going to fit in nicely. Hurrah!!

Team Carbonmade

Happy birthday to me, Angela Black!

Not to be outdone, Dave Gorum lovingly handcrafted a spot-on likeness of my freckled visage for my 40th birthday. I look perfectly crisp and delicious! Just look at the care and detail he put into my hair, beret and slug antennae?! It's amazing, really.

Anyway, it makes me very happy and I will treasure it forever. Or at least until it starts to wither and decay. Like me!


Team Carbonmade

Happy birthday to our beloved grumpkin, Dave Gorum!

In celebration of our co-founder/creative director's birthday, we bring you DAVE GOURDUM!

Dave reigns over our pixelated pumpkin patch in his little cycling caps, tossing out terrible puns, witty quips and super fun design ideas. He may grumble and grump, but that's only because he secretly bears the burden of a kind and generous heart. If he just audibly groaned at that, then I have done my job. Well, not the one he hired me to do, but that is besides the point!

Anywhoosh, we wish Dave a very happy and hallo-weenie-birthday full of naps with the dogs, cake made out of leafy vegetables and, well, more naps. Catch some good zees and have a great day, dorkface!

Team Carbonmade

Happy birthday to Carbonmade's fireball, Arsie!

It is almost impossible to type Arsie without first typing Arise instead. And so, we have arisen from our beds on a crisp fall morning to wish our resident do-er of many awesome things a very happy birthday. Arsie is one of those people who knows just about everyone and is up for just about anything. She's a force for good times, connecting faces together and kicking the crap out of a dance floor.

Even though she's a transplant from San Francisco, it took her nanoseconds to make NYC her home. The photo above was taken in Brooklyn by the lovely and talented Aaron Durand, also known as @everydaydude. We give him one thousand thanks for sharing this beautiful photograph so we could celebrate "Arise" in a special way.

Happy birthday, lady! We have no doubt that you're busy making it a good one.

Team Carbonmade

Happy birthday to our pal Bee and her loaf Pony!

The birthday train at Carbonmade just keeps chugga chugga choo chooin' along! At this stop we're celebrating two very fine ladies who are near and dear to our hearts: the amazing Bee Chelse and her wonk-eyed pup named Pony. Two great gals with birthdays two days apart!

We wish them both a ton of dog snuggles, naps on the couch and very big pieces of cake! Also, a special nod goes out to Norman Morana for the awesome drawing above of Bee and her family of dorks. You can see the full doodle on his blog!

Team Carbonmade

Happy birthday to Carbonmade designer, Timo Kuhn!

We could just leave this picture of Timo and his lovely wife Aki here and it'd speak volumes about him being one of the raddest dudes on the planet. But it was his birthday on Sunday so we thought we'd come up with a bunch of reasons why we like having him around!


He's lefthanded but not arrogant about it.
He once ate an entire chocolate rabbit in one bite.
His ancestry is European but his demeanor is downright Eurasian.
He once saved a species of gnat from extinction.
Timo has a kind heart and a steely gaze made from 100% USDA pig iron.
His (ping pong) balls are white and smooth.
He is the greatest baby maker of all time. I want him to make mine for me.
Timo is Sweden's noblest feat. Another noble feat: Timo's feet!
He was some sort of Swiss-German Evel Knievel in a previous lifetime.
Timo has great hair and keeps his baggy pants up using science.
He has a genuine fondness for animated gifs of baby animals.
He hugs upon greetin' like a proper European. (Woo, that rhymes!)
Timo's got a black belt in either being or making fraternal twins!
He thinks I'm pretty good at ping pong (for a girl).
He rocks gold sneakers (that I'm jealous I don't own).
He's my office omnivore lunch buddy.
Timo makes me feel really tall.
Timo has two thumbs.
Timo timo timo!

Team Carbonmade

Happy birthday to our support dork, Mike Minnick!

It's the birthday season here at Carbonmade headquarters. Today we raise our hands in the air for the one and only, Mike Minnick! This amazing tattooed doofus can answer emails with both hands tied behind his back (he doesn't have to but he does seem happier that way), leap small dogs in a single bound and scarf down 30 veggie nuggs in one sitting. He is a pretty rad individual.

We wish our dear pal and fearless morale booster all of the very best comic books, a nice long bath with his hounds and a big slice of birthday cake. Woo hoo!!

Team Carbonmade

Happy birthday to Carbonmade co-founder Jason Nelson!

On this joyous day a specific number of years ago, the world gave us a highly intelligent and smiley doofus named Jason Nelson. He is weird, frighteningly gifted with binary code and says so many oddly funny things that they are being collected in a book by his friends.

Jason has a deep and abiding love for alpacas, but also... bananas. (Hold on, I have to stop giggling for a second.) So we had Mike Minnick scribble up our CEO/code wizard professing his love to the world. We hope they will have a long and fruitful life together.

Enjoy your day, dorkpants!


500,000 portfolios created on Carbonmade!

We’re happier than clams to announce that we just passed half a million portfolios created on Carbonmade. In celebration of this milestone, Griffin doodled up this awesome infographic of neat factoids about the march to 500k. The past year has been a busy one! On the work side, we grew the team, put our creative powers behind a bunch of projects and launched a teaser site for Carbonmade Talent Pool. On the warm and fuzzy side, we watched our dear pal Bee (the inspiration for our uni logo) become a real life brain doctor and our designer Timo welcome his bundle of twins into the world. Mike also got a couple of bad haircuts. Hurrah!

We want to thank all of our customers who happily show off their work using Carbonmade. That old expression, “without you, we’re nothing” is as true as ever and we appreciate your support. To spread a little joy on this happy day, we're sending t-shirt gift packs to a few lucky ducks.

Marjorie Bruyère is getting bumped to VIP status and a gift pack for being our 500,000th customer. And these five lovely folks are getting gift packs for being with us the longest. You guys are rad. Thank you very much!

Thanks again to all friends of Carbonmade. Onwards and upwards!

Team Carbonmade

Happy birthday to Carbonmade developer Kyle Fox!

In the land of the noble beaver where the rivers run wild with maple syrup, there lives a fine young gentleman named Kyle Fox. He's been developing nifty things for us in the moose-plagued landscape of Edmonton, Alberta since the beginning of 2011. At present he is working his sweet magic on our iPad app while wrestling bears, sipping fine Canadian whiskeys and tapping every last maple tree. We raise our glasses in celebration of his big day and thank him for being such a funny and valued member of Team Carbonmade. Happy birthday, eh?

Team Carbonmade

Carbonmade designer Timo Kuhn is a proud papa

It's pretty neat watching someone's life change over night. Timo and his wife Aki recently welcomed bundles of joy Mila and Remi into their lives. It's been a real treat for everyone at Carbonmade to share in their happiness and ooh and awwww over his beautiful photos. Timo's already a natural at being a great pop and we're happy to be a part of their big baby-filled adventure.

He's documenting his journey into dadhood here: Dragontwins Tumblr

Team Carbonmade

Meet Mike Minnick: Carbonmade's Morale Specialist

Spawned in Las Vegas to a one-armed bandit and a progressive slot machine, Mike Minnick was born to get people hyped and excited on life. When you send a support email to Carbonmade, he’s the delightful weirdo standing by to help get things back on track. He also keeps the team hyped with his homemade videos, snaps of his beloved pups and liberal use of the CAPSLOCK key. He’s pretty much everyone’s favorite person to be around and even though he’s a big goofball, he takes his role very seriously.

So, tell us a little bit about yourself. What's your favorite food?

Hello. I'm Mike and I like comics, baseball, dogs, fresh throwback Pepsi and taking baths! Japanese food is probably my favorite. Or pizza. It's hard to decide.

How did you come to work for Carbonmade?

Well, I’ve known Dave and Jason combined for about 20 years now. I basically consider them family. I got laid off at an old job and they helped me out by offering part-time support work. I suspect they eventually hired me full-time so they could increase the awesomeness at Carbonmade. I probably shouldn’t say this but even though I haven’t designed or coded a webpage in my life, I do all of their work.

Have no fear! Mike Minnick and Pony Charisma are here to save you from tyranny, oppression and customer support issues.

So, what is a morale specialist anyway? And what makes you good at being one?

A morale specialist is someone who boosts morale! So I try to do that for the company and within the office. Even though I work remote. Haha. Anyway, I mostly accomplish this by bringing positive silliness to the job and getting hyped. For example, I like to show up to our video conferences in a Captain America costume or invite my office hounds to participate in the fun. NO DOG LEFT BEHIND! But seriously, I focus on making myself hyped and enjoying work and then use that energy to share with my co-workers and the Carbonmade customers.

What is one of the radder moments you’ve had helping a customer out?

Well, one time I was helping a Spanish lady with her portfolio and she asked if our team member "Bat Ears" was a French bulldog. And, of course, she was referring to Pony. So I sent her a photo of Pony and she sent me a photo of her pup. His name is Wing-nut! (What a great loaf name, huh?) And now we are international French bulldog photo traders! Which is great. It just goes to show that you can have fun with your customers and share things other than support.

That is pretty great. Now, you mentioned that you like to take baths. Can you describe your ideal bath experience?

I love baths! I have a whole system for taking baths. I bring a stack of comics or books and read in the tub naked while I let the water fill up super slow. Once the water fills the tub about halfway, I empty it out and fill it up again. I will do a few cycles of this usually and can stay in the bath for up to 1-2 hours at a time! Sometimes I add bubbles or salts. I also have a pretty manly seashell-shaped bath pillow that is essential. Yay baths!

What do you do with your free time outside of taking baths?

I read tons of comics and watch a lot of baseball. I do a podcast with my pals Dave and Bee called Dinobrain. I also hang out with my dogs Pony and Finn and watch SVU with them. They hate sex crimes as much as Detective Stabler and are surprisingly good at guessing the perp.

As you know, I’m Canadian and we worship the noble beaver. Can you outbuild one?

Heck no. Say what you will about beavers but they are good at what they do. Beavers are probably the most ingenuitive [sic] beasts of all the planet's animals. I'm completely useless with tools or at building stuff.

Can you make a pun?

I hate puns. But if I had to make one I'd say: "The beaver lost his home. It's a dam shame." I just made that up. I’m not sure if that's a pun or not.

If you had to be any shape, why would you be a triangle?

Because I'm bottom heavy. And so are triangles.

How many marbles can you fit in your mouth?

Free hundwid an firty two!


There's more where this came from

Hello, my name is Angela. I write words and make freckled magic here at Carbonmade. We let this blog hibernate for a bit while we grew the team and tucked into a bunch of awesome projects. I'm taking up the reins, if you will, and look forward to sharing app updates, interviews, portfolio tips & tricks, announcements and more.

We’re excited about all of the rad stuff we've got in the works. Thanks a bunch for keeping us on your internet dial.