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Girls Who Code are Among the Most Powerful Girls in the World

Girls Who Code are Among the Most Powerful Girls in the World

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) helps today’s students develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

In our opinion, Girls Who Code are among the coolest female forces on the planet. Not only are they powerful, but their contributions to the technology industry make them among the most innovative people in the world. Girls who want to develop their coding and technology skills can look no further than the CTL Chromebook.

The Background of Girls Who Code

Teen girls with an interest in technology can attend free Girls Who Code summer programs and after-school programs. Opportunities are available throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Clubs are available from Beginner to Advanced, making it a fun learning environment for girls in grades 3-12.

Meetings are typically held in schools, libraries, and community centers during the school year. Summer immersion programs are free and offer stipends that cover transportation and living expenses for seven weeks.

Anyone wanting to learn more about Girls Who Code opportunities or to start their own club can visit GirlsWhoCode.com. We love working with the next generation of innovators because we know what they’re capable of doing. The right tools help them excel at something they love and have chosen to do as a career field or business.

How CTL Helps Girls with an Interest in Technology

Girls with an interest in technology can find the tools that they need at CTL. From computers to Chromebooks, we have the perfect products to help them succeed.  Our staff works with female coders to ensure that the technology that they choose to buy from us is perfect for the projects they intend to complete.

CTL is committed to providing resources to help girls with an interest in technology to succeed in school and their future careers. We support programs that promote digital equity and provide equitable internet access. We also routinely provide technology internships to girls interested in technology and have supported the ChickTech organization in their efforts to increase the number of women and girls pursuing technology-based careers.

How CTL is Different Than Other Technology Companies

How CTL is Different Than Other Technology Companies


Find out what makes our company outstanding in every way.

From the moment you visit the CTL website until you’ve received your first product order from us, you’ll notice a distinct difference in the way that our company does things. We put the customer first. That statement applies to the products that we create and sell as well as the way we handle inquiries, questions, and concerns. Our interactions with you help educate and empower you to know all there is to know about CTL computers and CTL Chromebooks. That way, you have the most seamlessly smooth experience possible and your students benefit from your new and innovative way of presenting educational material.

CTL Products Encourage Exploration and Collaboration

Students make use of the tools that they’re provided in the classroom on a daily basis. That’s why it’s important to give the next generation of innovators a distinct advantage by investing in the best technologies available at the time. Doing so encourages exploration and collaboration. Students are able to be the best versions of themselves as pupils because they can see, listen to, and interact with the content that the teacher is presenting to them in ways that make sense to them.

A durable Chromebook or computer serves many purposes. It can be used to inform, persuade, entertain, inspire, and produce. The technologies streamline the most difficult tasks making it easier for educators to teach everything they have in their lesson plans for the year quickly. That means greater productivity and an easier way to measure results.

Knowing how well students are doing is another reason why CTL products are excellent choices for the classroom. Educators are able to track student progress with very little effort. At a glance, they’re able to see how much of a project has been completed online and how well a student is doing academically based on the grades they have received.

What Makes CTL’s Products Stand Out in a Crowd?

See for yourself what makes CTL the people’s choice for educational hardware. Our wide selection of products along with our guarantees is enough to make you want to equip your classroom with products strictly from our website. Built-to-last and maximize value, our computers and Chromebooks go above and beyond normal wear and tear. They can withstand massive amounts of weight, handle having their screens turned and moved in different directions, and remain powered up and ready to go even after being used for hours. They’re portable, durable, and highly effective tools that transform classrooms around the globe.

If you have any questions about our products or policies, please let us know. We want to change the way you teach and the way your students learn. We’ve won awards for excellence because our products go beyond what was expected by the people who use them regularly. Get the best value for your classroom budget this year by investing in a CTL Chromebook or CTL computer. You won’t be disappointed because you’ll have a verifiable tool that lasts more than one school year.