psychrn: -been so long, 05 Apr 2019 12:03:00 PDTMy goodness me my last blog update was in 2013 !!!!</p> <p>BTW im a 62 yr old tech freak as my work colleagues would tell you.</p> <p>Still working as a Mental Health Nurse in a large Metropolitan facility.</p> <p>I have been through several tech phases over the years. Been a member of Geekzone since 2005. Had early Windows portable devices in the early days.My favourite was the Imate Jasjar probably back in the original 2 G era. Then went through the Original Apple phase. 3G, 4s then changed to Galaxy Note 1 though 8. Finally last week have gone to the Huawei P30 pro for its camera Capability. I used to have DSLR in my past as my blog shows. Then used Portable Panasonic HDD Video cameras but have moved to purely portable cellphone options which I prefer for portability reasons. Have had very good experiences whilst over seas. If I want good video I tend to carry a GoPro 5 Black which is so versatile positioning wise. Im still into geocaching and use my cellphone with the official geocaching app or Geeoh live app which will be changing in a few months. I have also done some Munzee searches but this seems to be a dyeing sport in NZ.</p> <p>Recently been doing the Overseas trips- both Several Cruises, Trafalgar Bus tours, Eagle Rider motorcycle tour in the US. Tazzie.</p> <p>Hope too see folk at the next Geekzone Real life meet 18th May</p> <p>&nbsp;Update since Burglary, 27 Jul 2013 16:03:00 PDTA bit has happened over the last month or so since my last post.<br>We were burgled in May and had some gadgets stolen which as you can imagine wasnt pleasant. Luckily our insurance company have been very good and has helped us out to our satisfaction. To be honest Tower have been very good.<br><br>The old Macbook 13 inch aluminium &nbsp;was taken along with a Panasonic Lumix still camera, 40 Gb Panasonic Vid camera, Asus TF 201 Android tablet.<br>Partner had some heirloom jewelry taken as well that was really irreplaceable<br><br>We were given vouchers for JBHIfi for the cameras and Tablet was replaced by a company called Connect. Replaced with a Asus TF600 Vivo Windows RT tablet.<br>Due to the age of the Macbook-over 5 years they paid out in cash for that. I went with a HP AIO cheap desktop which does the job. Not a gamiong person so should do the job for me.<br><br>We have since upgraded our security by installing a wireless security system by Exodus Security. This was round about $700 mark and appears to be good value. Its easily moveable in case we move, we get sms, phone calls when/if we are broken into again. Good remotes and RFID tag to easily deactivate as required. There is an android app to help manage this as well.<br><br>We were impressed with Towers service. JBHIFi was also excellent in sorting out what we wanted. They were also flexible.<br><br>On another front I quite like the look of the Nokia Lumia 1020 Phone and its 41 Mp camera. Fairly good reports. After using the Windows RT tablet im getting used to the OS and UI.<br>Im not overly convinced on using Windows 8 as yet after using Android for some time especially in the phone format. &nbsp;No idea as yet on cost. From Clove in the Uk<br>The S3 is performing well with the 7000 Mah Zero lemon extended battery.<br><br><br><br><br>Update-bits and pieces, 23 Apr 2013 17:27:00 PDTAs usual its been a while since I updated my geekzone blog almost like a confession &nbsp;for me!!<br>Currently Gadget wise I have a Galaxy Samsung S3 with an Zero Lemon Extended battery 7000 Mah which is very nice. My &nbsp;partner has my old Galaxy Note and likes it.<br>Still using the Asus Transformer Prime TF201. Operating Jelly Bean 4.1.1. This is for sale on trademe.<br><br>Funnily&nbsp;enough I have a Transformer TF301 as well.This is for sale too if the price is right.<br><br>Tempted by a few tech products&nbsp;- namely Windows Tablet Surface RT, Padfone 2&nbsp;but&nbsp;trouble here is they are asus and I have 2 of there tabs now.<br>Recently partner had problems with desktop which just needed a new power supply.<br><br>Power&nbsp;company&nbsp;wise we have switched to powershop BTW<br><br>More Changes, 15 Jan 2012 16:48:00 PSTWell well more changes<br /><br />Tonight made the decision to sell Ipad 2 and Macbook 13 Inch <br />I have moved from Iphones to Android OS and recently to the Galaxy Note.<br />I have since bought the Asus Transformer Prime which is a Android ICS device.<br />This means that I can consolidate my devices.<br />Who have done this change before??<br />This means I will have gone completely android OSLong time No post, 10 Jan 2012 15:48:00 PSTI see its been 3 years since I last updated my Geekzone Blog. I feel somewhat embarrassed to say the least.<br />Well well how do I start.<br /><br />Over those years Ive moved from having Windows Mobile devices- you remember the Imate Jasjar through various IOS devices Iphone 3G through to Iphone 4. I then switched direction completely and went Android. Saw a mates Samsung Galaxy s2 and sold my Iphone 4 to get that. Now Im using a Galaxy Note. Funnily enough I tell my family and colleagues that its because Im getting older and need the bigger screen !! There is a certain truth about that statement.<br />As far as Tablets go I bought an Ipad a couple of years ago and updated that on launch day to an Ipad 2. Waiting in the cue when I was visiting Wellington last year. Interesting conversations are had when waiting in such cues.<br /><br />My colleagues at work seem to always ask me what have I got now as far as technology goes. Plus ask my advice for what is good for them. I try to help them out by asking what do they want to do with such a device.<br />I very much envy the folk that are able to review new devices and can almost make a living doing it. is a case in point.&nbsp; Plug also for AndroidNZ our very own @NZtechfreak who does extensive reviews on his Website and youtube.<br /><br />There is certainly a lot of developments wise hardware going. CES in Las Vegas US is going on right now.<br />I have several video cameras that manage HD video, I sold my SLR Canon for a all in one PIS Panasonic Lumix with a long zoom and feel a lot happier for it.&nbsp; Less gear to carry. Have noticed its photographic limitations however at times<br />My Galaxy Note manages HD Vid but doesnt quite have the zoom capabilities but its fine for general use.<br />Yes I must update my profile as well.<br /><br />Feel free to contact me for comments.<br />Im sure Ill be posting more.<br />I hope to catch up with folk at GZ Pizza evenings coming up<br /><br /><br /><br />New Computer, 13 Dec 2008 11:07:00 PSTBelieve it or not our old desktop has finaly been replaced yesterday.<br />It was actually an old PC Company Box with an AMD 2000+ Chip in it. This dates it about 8 odd years.!!<br />It had the MB changed a couple of years ago when it fried.<br /><br />We well recently we upgraded the Video Camera to&nbsp; JVC GZ-HD 40 which is reasonably high spec-120 Gb HDD, can capture either in AVCHD or Mpeg 2. HDMI capable output.<br />As you can imagine this means a lot of data moving around in editing software and the old PC just couldnt cut the mustard.<br /><br />After some research we looked at boxes in Dell-high end stuff but some over $4000 and the usual retail outlets we settled on an Acer M3201 from DSE at $1599 + a 1 TB Free Agent Pro externall HDD at $349. We had been looking at those several months ago but they have come down in price very nicely.<br /><br />Specs: <li>Processor: AMD Phenom 9600(Quad) 2.3GHz, 2MB L2 + 2MB L3 Cache </li><li>RAM: 4GB (2 x 2GB 800MHz) </li><li>HDD: 500GB 7200rpm SATA HDD </li><li>Optical: DVD SuperMulti SATA </li><li>Graphics: Integrated ATi Radeon HD3450 (256MB Discrete) layered on the AMD RS780 with 256MB shared </li><li>Card Reader: Multi-Card Reader </li><li>TV Tuner: Single MCE Digital TV Tuner + remote </li><li>Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium </li><p><br />Never having used Vista before its not so a big learning curve.<br />Getting to grops with the many pop up things that come up.<br /><br />Havnt got to do any video editing yet but hope to put through its paces soon.<br />The Graphics card is not optimal -probably should be 512 Mb dedicated but we can always upgrade this later.</p><p>We have connected them both on the network and am gradually moving stuff across to how we like everything.<br />So we shall see how it works outNuevasync, 07 Aug 2008 00:57:00 PDTI mentioned in my blog a few days ago about using Mobileme which is an&nbsp; apple replacement for the .mac service.<br />I am still in the trial of their service which last for another <strike>45 odd days</strike>.80<br />So far the service has been reasonable -initially there were teething problems which&nbsp; we triallers were given 60 days.<br />The Calendar feature still seems to be problematic however.<br /><br />Anyway whilst being involved with the Apple-Iphone Yahoo group I learnt about a free enterprise Push service utilizing Google and using opensource sync protocols already available.<br /><br /><br /><br />Some might ask who is behind this and why is it free plus other ?? security issues.<br />They dont have the push mail running yet but definitely Calendar and contacts works via Google.<br />Ill be reporting back on this one<br /><br />Thanks for the information in your comment David.<br />Amazing how you found my blog entry??Iphone 3 G White, 03 Aug 2008 22:20:00 PDTGeeze its about time I updated my Blog-it was last updated February.<br />Launch day was July 10 and I took the plunge and got a White 16gb Iphone 3 G.<br /><br />Yes I saw all the hype and probably got sucked in a bit but boy am I glad I did.<br />I wasnt terribly happy with the Nokia N 95. Sure it probably has more features, better camera MMS and others but I dont think it beats the Iphone for ease of use and the WOW factor.<br /><br />I always look for a Yahoo group concerning a device that I use to see what what others are experiencing.<br />I did on this occassion and signed up as a member of<br />It is quitre a busy group and the initial posts I came across were people upgrading to Firmware 2 on there previous Iphones and Ipods.<br /><br />There nwas also a lot of issues with the new service Mobileme which is replacing the old .mac service. As an upshot Apple are now offerring users a 2 month tirial of this service. More about this later.<br /><br />The initialisation of the phone was easy and after I walked out of the shop my old sim card was disabled so I went home to activate the new phone. Not a problem. ( I was given a new sim card with my old number transferred) Changed from a You Choose 20 plan to one of the new Iphone plans. Talk 120, txt 600 and 250mb data.<br /><br />Set up Itunes 7.7 which was required. I am using a Windows PC and managed to transfer a lot of my songs collection onto the device. So far so good.<br />Tried to Sync outlook with the device. Contacts went across ok but no Calendar items. Fiddled a bit with preferences. Looked at the forums reset sync options. Hello worked from Deskltop and not from laptop which is where I had all my latest calendar items ??? very frustrating sorting this bit out.<br />How about a work around I wondered.<br />Set up Mobileme-its free for 2 months.<br /><br /><br /><br />The concept of this is that you have all your information-ie contacts, calendar, files, photos. You sync between various PC's and mobile devices into the &quot;Cloud&quot; and the data moves around over the air thereby keeping everything up to date. The iphone supports this-basically a Push data system.<br /><br />After some twidling I finally managed to get this working so now all my data is in sync with the laptop and the Iphone and any changes I make is live on the mobileme website within minutes and vice a versa.<br /><br />Impressions of the vfarious apps:<br />I like the threading of the SMS-just like you are having a conversation<br />The email is a brease and easy to set up and use and now I have the poush email up and running its even better. Albeit at cost. The Mobileme service is going to cost around $155 a year to use.<br />Thye camera is OK and a shame it doesnt have more Mega pixels and there is no MMS. But theyu can go out in emails easily enough. There are plenty of apps available that are sort of integrated to some social networking sites like Facebook, flikr and the photos you take are also geotaged as well which adds to the social nbetworking possibilities.<br />The Map function is quite usefull although seing im a Geocacher I already own a functional GPS unit and would not use this feature a lot.<br />Theree is a You tube Interface but I have found that it takes a while for the viudeos to load-on my wifi network so prob even slower if I was using the 3 G network. Use this moccassionally.<br /><br />World Clock usefull. Stocks alsop usefull -I have set up NZ stuff just for interest. The weather app isnt the most detailed and I await for a local NZ app made by a guy at He has produces a top seller app in trhe app store called My Trades which allowes you to follow your trades on Trademe. He has also got an app that followes the NZ TV Channels called tvGuide and gets rave reviews.<br /><br />Obviously the Itunes store is a great feature and as yet I havnt purchased any music. Have listened to samples from the store though and have been tempted. What Ill do is go through my music library-consolidate all my folders and see what ive got 1st.<br /><br />Ok what apps have I installed and comments.<br />My favourite so far is Palringo which is a Multi Chat programme like Trillian which I use on my PC. It enables you to run Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk and there own network plus they have groups. There is an Iphone group and now a NZiphone group on palringo.<br />This was a freee app.<br />I have installed netnewswire a news reader,m 2 mahjong games one I paid for, Express another aggregated data capture app, Labrynth game-free, speechcloud-enables voice command for your contacts, Shazam a music recofnition programe that identifies songs-not accurate all the time but links in with Itunes store which is quite cleaver; 105 Classics a Internet music channel, exposure a flickr related product; Ifob which uses the GPS function of the iphone to work out whoi is nearby-bit freaky but has its possibilities. Who is that nice chick across the rd ??!!<br />Epocrates a drug information app-good but the druf names are americanised so a bit hard to search for information. Last MoPhoTo and another flickr app.<br /><br />The Safari web browser is very nice and the screen is very nice and resizing with your finger is easy to makes pages easy to read. I have found some local sites that are designed to run on your Iphone -Kiwibank,vodafone, NZHerald etc.<br /><br />So far my impression has been very good. Some frustrations re the sync issues.<br />It does chew through Battery power though. Suppose things will settle down after the novelty wears oiff a bit.<br />I have found also that I am not using as much data as I expected. I signed up on the 10th July and today still got over 180 mb;s left to use. <br />So all in all a pretty good experience and Im glad I made the swith.<br />Feel free to makle some comments and ask my advice as I think I have learnt a lot during this process.<br />I was a bit reluctant to post a blog about the Iphone as there appeared to be a bit of anti sentiment around on GZ but after chatting to some of the &quot;blokes&quot; in the IRC channel I was encouraged to put my post in so thanks for the support Scott and a few others.<br />Garmin Colorado 300, 24 Feb 2008 23:01:00 PSTMy 1st blog update since last year.<br />I am just awaiting the arrival of the Courier.<br />I am expecting a New Garmin Colorado 300 GPS unit.<br /><br /><a href=";pID=11019" title="Garmin Colorado 300 propd page">;pID=11019</a><br /><br />This is to upgrade from my Garmin 60c unit which ive had now for 3 + years.<br />This unit is a major upgrade.<br />Sirf 3 chip, wireless ability to transfer waypoints and Geocache information.<br />I am a hardened Geocacher and this is the main reason why I use GPS equipment.<br /><br />Up till now Ive used Brett C maps but this time ill be using the NZ Open Source GPS maps project <br /><br /><a href=""></a><br /><br />These are excellent as they are free and autorouting.<br /><br />There has been some concern expressed by =geocachers about the functionality lost in this unit compared to previouis series -60/70 csx.<br /><br />Ill be reporting back in a few weeks on a review<br /><br />Recent Developments, 31 Oct 2006 23:16:00 PSTI got so fed up with the Performance of my Jasjar-that I have sent it off to Mobile Fone Repar in Auckland.<br />Since the Rom upgrade it has been very very unstable and I dont know whether it was this or perhaps a few minor drops its had.<br />Problems:<br />Frequent hard and soft resets<br />Screen would turn blue and or other funny colours-needing a reset.<br />More recently several soiftware applications wouldnt work properly<br /><br />So Ive made a claim on my VF Insurance.<br />This was last Monday and I havnt heard a thing as yet. (now being Thursday)-stated turn around was 5-10 days.<br />The business that I dropped it off to were going to charge me $70 as well as the excess of $120 that VF charged me.<br />I didnt bother asking for a loan phone-boy its been quiet.<br /> <br /> I learnt today that my Jasjar will be completely replaced.<br /> It seems that that it was fried-ie the circut board<br /> Addit: Courier arrived Saturday am whilst I was away out of town-very good service. Will be picking up new Jasjar Monday morning personally from the couriewr depot by the looksGeekzone06, 15 Sep 2006 07:39:00 PDTChris here reporting from GZ06.<br />Amazing talks so far. Only trouble is on the way down from hamilton today my jasjar went a bit flat:Luckily Mauricio came up with an easy soln-he had a battery that could charge it up-about the size of a cigarette box.-charging as we speak.<br />Saves me going back up to the hotel to get charger-then i would be limited as to where i sit in the rm.<br />Good socialisation occuring during the breaks courtesy of the sponsors-tweezers. Looking forward to our dinner later and more talking.<br />Listening to Jethro Carr about Open Sourse Software at momement.<br />An excellent experience so far.<br />Thanks for the organisers for the planningWhats been happening Lately, 08 Aug 2006 15:50:00 PDTWell I had some fun last week.<br /><br />The Jasjar began playing up again-doing real strange things like not starting up in the morning, when synced to PC the screen would turn a funny colour and basically freeze up.<br />In the end I took the battery out for several minutes and this seemed to sort of get me going but system, still seemd very unstable and even the soft reset didnt work.<br />The hard reset where you hold the power button while pressing the soft reset button didnt seem to work either.<br />I resorted to the alternative way-pressing the 2 - buttons on the keyboard simultaneously pressing the soft reset button and we were all go and Ill admit we have had no problems since!! SPB Backup got me up and running in about 20 minutes<br /><br />I just cant understand this scenario at all, if you remember earlier in the winter Ive had similiar situations where the unit would become very unbstable. Its not as though Id been loading up on software either.<br />Think the only thing ive changed of late is load up Netfront Mini browser which so far ive liked the feel off.<br />I did try Minimo which is a Mozilla product and that seemsed quite slow and not responsive.<br />One of the other new software Im trying is Mobile Contacts Phone edition by <a href=""></a><br />Im using Personal Vehicle Manager ( Two Peaks Software )&nbsp; to manage my vehicle costs.<br />Hopefully we are all smooth sailing now<br />PocketIrc, 24 Jul 2006 01:36:00 PDTI decided to use up some credit left on a Telecom Wireless Hotspot card, so I headed down to my Nearest Starbucks which is in downtown Hamilton.<br />I got my coffee and set up my Jasjar on the table, loaded up my card number and password and presto we were connected.<br />Opened uop PocketIrc and logged into the Geekzone chat channel on IRC.<br />Ive been using this at home and found it quite useful to keep in touch with my fellow Geek mates here at GZ.<br /><br />I was also monitoring battery consumption with the wifi being on and the backlight on and using PocketIrc. Probably went down about 10% in the 40 odd minutes I was connected.<br />I also took a photograph of the inside of starbucks whilst I was there-unfortunately the &quot;Pretty Girls&quot; had moved on before I could take one of them.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Unstable, 03 Jul 2006 23:02:00 PDTAbout 2 days ago I awoke to find that I had great difficulty in getting my Jasjar to reboot at all. It would hardly respond.<br /> I tried a few soft resets 1st, often it would get to the blue Imate screen then die.<br /> I resorted to the hard Reset but even then it would not respond well, sometimes it would stoip after the blue imate screen, sometimes there would be wierd colour configurations on the screen.<br /> I was very worried and I thought I might have a fatal problem-I remembered reading stories in Club Imate of this sort of thing to other people who had recently done a ROM upgrade.<br /> <br /> lIt does appear that the Jasjar has become extremely unstable after the ROM upgrade.<br /> <br /> Anyway to cut a long story short after about 2-3 attempts doing the hard reset I finally managed to get going and got it booted uo.<br /> Luckily also I had a recent back up on the SD card by SPB Backup and so I was able to get all the software back in without to much effort.<br /> I would have to say trhat since then everything has been running very smoothly with no hickups whatsoever.<br /> Ive been having fun with PocketIRC as well.<br /> So heres hoping-im still wondering if the temperature has something to do with it-cause It was a reasonably cold morning that day and its been not so cold since.<br /> The verdict is still out on that one<br />PocketPC Magazine, 28 Jun 2006 22:22:00 PDTI used to subscribe to this Magazine when I 1st got my HP Jornada 540-which I still have, and see the magazine is still around.<br />Quite a good magazine and I note they have included the smartphone revolution.<br />Looks like a good magazine still-albeit a bit pricey.<br /><br /><a href=""></a>Scare, 27 Jun 2006 01:56:00 PDTI woke this am to find my Jasjar wouldnt boot up at all.<br /> I went to bed last night and Battery Level was around 60%.<br /> <br /> I had a thought and yes I plugged the power cable and things came to life again. Battery level indicated 0%.<br /> <br /> What I suspect had happened was the Temperature has affected the battery operation, cause the room was very cold overnight.<br /> So panic over.<br /> Now to find a Jasjar warmer for overnight use!!<br /> <br /> <br />Since Last ROM Upgrade, 21 Jun 2006 23:57:00 PDTIve fine tuned the software on the Jasjar.<br />Took a while to reload what I wanted but have left off a few of the games-as in Tomb Raider, Flux Challenge and backgammon.<br />I have added however Encyclopaedia Britanica Concise Edition-obviously on to the SD card as its about 30 mb in size. I have found it a very useful resource so far.<br />Mobile Contacts-Phone Edition-enables singlew handed scrolling <br />Otherwise everything else is the same as before now.<br /><br />So far no major problems since the upgradeUpgraded ROM, 18 Jun 2006 23:37:00 PDTWell I finally took the plunge yesterday and upgraded my ROM on the Jasjar to the latest version, after some encouraging posts from Mauricio. I had been reading some of the posts on <a href=""></a> and some of the stories weree a bit horrifying.<br /> Needless to say my upgrade went smoothly and ive spent the past 12 hrs or so reloading all my software and tweaking it how I like it.<br /> The email problem ive been having has been now been solved as well.<br /> I note a difference in the radio Manager and I think there is also less problems with programms hogging storage memory after they have closed down.<br />This is an excellent Web Site for folk with WM5 devices, 15 Jun 2006 03:08:00 PDT<a href=""></a><br /> <br /> Embeded Development and Research<br /> <br /> Excellent FAQ and how to&nbsp; do some tweaking on your WM5 device.<br /> But be very careful!!!!!<br />Ive removed Microsoft Voice Command, 15 Jun 2006 02:51:00 PDTI had recently installed Microsoft Voice command V 1.5, but I kept getting file errors which stopped me from using it.<br /> Ill do some back ground reading and research and see what I come up with.<br /> <br />Some of my Fav links, 12 Jun 2006 04:20:00 PDT<a href=""></a><br /><a href=""></a><br /><a href=""></a><br /><br />Im webmaster for: <a href=""><br /></a><br /><br /><br />What im currently running on my Imate Jasjar, 12 Jun 2006 04:05:00 PDTSpb Plus<br />Spb back up<br />SBSH Weather<br />Spb diary<br />Monopoly<br />Scrabble<br />Avantgo<br />GPX Sonar- Views geocaching files in html format<br />Mem-maid<br />Phatpad<br />Pocket Informant<br />Listpro<br />Automobile manager<br />Adobe Reader 2<br />MIMS-Drug Manual<br />Spb Time<br />Tomb Raider<br />Pocket Soduku- by<br />Bubble breaker<br />Flux Challenge<br />Links<br />Majong Academy<br />MC Poker<br />Simcity 2000<br />Imate Backgammon<br />Mobirate BrainGym V 1.1<br />Gsoft My Biorythym V 1.32<br />Novi remote Delux V3.2<br />Microsoft Voice Command V 1.5<br />Skype<br /><br />Plus the usual software that comes with the device.<br />Ive done 2 hard resets for various reasons, after the last one about a week ago Im having trouble with getting email from my isp while im either using Wifi or GPRS-works occassionally.<br />On the whole most of the above is installed on an SD card (1GB)<br />