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  • Building & Debugging
  • Symbol Analysis & Navigation
  • Editing Features
  • Tools & Integration
  • Work The Way You Want
  • List Members
  • Code Navigation
  • Symbol References
  • Large File Editing
  • Beautify While Typing
  • Surround With
  • Build Environment
  • Debugging
  • Third-Party Workspaces
  • Version Control Integration
  • DIFFzilla®
  • Layout
  • Named Layouts
  • Emulations

Typing a member access operator (for example, '.' in Java' or "->" in C++) displays a list of the members for the corresponding object or symbol.

Jump from a symbol to its definition. Use Ctrl+/ to list all of the references for the current symbol and optionally jump to the first reference. These operations set a bookmark that can be popped to return you to the previous location Ctrl+Comma.

Display a list of references for a symbol. Use (Ctrl+/) to open the References view for the current symbol, or you can type or select a symbol in the Symbol drop-down list. Click on a reference to preview it. Double-click to jump to it.

SlickEdit's integrated debugging provides a convenient and easy to use front-end for many debuggers. Set breakpoints, step, inspect the stack, view variables/members - all the features you expect from a debugger. SlickEdit supports debugging for: GNU C/C++, Java, WinDbg, Clang C/C++ LLDB, Google Go, Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, XCode, Scala, C# using Mono, Visual Basic using Mono, and Android JVM/NDK.

Read and save files 4GB and greater. The maximum limit is 2TB, limited only by your available system memory and hard drive performance.

When the "Beautify while typing" feature is enabled for C++, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, XML, or HTML, your code will be automatically formatted when you type ';', '{' or '}'. This improves the consistency of your code and produces more readable code with better spacing.

Use to surround existing lines of code with a new structure such as: if, for, while, and try. The existing code is automatically placed inside braces and indented. Additional structures can also be defined for Surround With.

Build or compile your project, then double-click on an error message in the Build window to jump to that location. Errors and warnings are marked with an icon in the left margin. In addition, the overview bar, positioned alongside the vertical scrollbar, marks the position of errors and warnings relative to the current scroll position in the document. To quickly scroll a marked location into view, you can drag the scrollbar slider to the mark, or click on the mark itself.

SlickEdit understands your third-party workspace format and can open it directly. We support many popular build systems including Visual Studio, Maven, Ant, NAnt, Xcode, Android, and more.

SlickEdit integrates with popular version control systems including: Git, Mercurial, Subversion, CVS, Perforce, PVCS, and ClearCase. Common operations, like checkin and checkout, are integrated and just a click away. SlickEdit also leverages the power of DIFFzilla, its powerful file differencing tool, to make it easy to view differences between versions of a file, or even view all differences in the current project/workspace.

Use DIFFzilla to compare directories and files. When comparing files, the diff highlights the lines and characters that do not match. You can even edit the files while they are being diffed!

SlickEdit takes full advantage of available space with a tiled MDI layout. Document windows can be split to view different parts of the same file. You can also drag a document off the main window to float in a separate document group, with its own set of tool windows.

You can create named layouts for floating document groups. This allows you to easily switch between tool window layouts. When you drag/drop a document tab to create a floating group, SlickEdit will automatically apply your default layout.

Choose from fifteen keyboard emulations, containing the key bindings and behaviors necessary to emulate other editors.

Pick Your Edition

A true cross-platform, multi-language code editor, with support for over 60 languages on 9 platforms.

SlickEdit Standard: Great for single file oriented operations and one-off scripts. Loading very large files is quick and painless.

SlickEdit Pro: Build and debug large or complex projects. Stay in sync with version control integration and powerful file differencing tools. All your project's symbols are tagged for quick and easy lookup, analysis, and navigation.

Whichever edition you choose, enjoy fast startup, smart editing features, and increased productivity.

one-time purchase

Highlighted features:

  • Syntax expansion and indenting
  • SmartPaste®
  • Keystroke emulations
  • Multiple cursors and selections
  • Backup History
  • Edit files up to 2 TB

*One-time purchase price includes all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi), named user license.

one-time purchase

All Standard Edition features, plus:

  • Symbol analysis and navigation
  • Debuggers
  • Integrated builds
  • Beautifiers
  • Diffzilla multi-file and folder diff
  • Version control support with Shelving
  • Java Live Errors
  • JUnit Integration

One-time purchase price includes all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi), named user license.