We established WeAreVirginiaVeterans.org with the goal to help the unemployed in their time of need. This website contains information about different financial opportunities that can help you earn income online; you can also check Elance360 to find more business ideas. You can learn, how to start a small online business and become 100% financially independent. We want to help our our nations heros!

From the year internet was born, most people have gin up the idea that making money online is nothing but a dream, and there has been an “All Online Jobs are SCAM” ideology, flourishing since then. This fear has convinced internet users to deem all online business opportunities as fraud. However, this way-of-thinking is slowly dying and will soon reach its grave thanks to the growing awareness.

WeAreVirginiaVeterans.org is a site with the goal to spread online jobs awareness to students, retirees, veterans, disabled/injured personals, and anyone who is looking for a way to earn an income. Home staying moms and any jobless candidates will find this information useful.

“The most prevalent issue” - when Sarah asked this question, more than 80% of the interviewed jobless people gave the following answer: “Lack of employment.” It is a very serious issue, which effects people living everywhere in the world. We hope to provide information that can help beat the rising unemployment.

Online Employment Opportunities

Unemployed individuals can use internet to create a stable income stream; this is what we aim to teach.

Using internet to generate income may seem like a long-shot home business venture, but it’s not. In terms of providing a stable income, internet is one of the best alternatives to an office-job. In some cases, income from internet can surpass monthly income that one can make in a corporate-job. One of such opportunities is online trading; it can provide stable income to support your whole family.

Veterans, Retirees and Students looking for employment

Does $6000+ per month sounds like a satisfactory income? Internet can provide such money with ease. An average day-to-day internet job can pay $100. Some office-jobs pay more than others do. Similarly, internet offers a wide range of them - each with a different paycheck.

Different factors will determine the amount of cash that one can make, for instance, working full-time will pay much more than its counterpart (part-time work.) Another factor is the kind of job one is doing. A professional writer makes around $100 for writing 500 words (article/press-release/news-report.) On the other hand, a simple typing job can pay as low as $5 per hour.

Earn while you study

A challenge many college/university students face is financial independence. The cost of studying alone is significant and not everybody can afford it. We aim to help students so that they can continue to chase their dreams - money should never stop someone from getting the education they desire.

Admin Jobs

Data entry, typing, converting images into text, and text editing are all well suited jobs for students who can only afford to do part-time work. These jobs are available in abundance on the internet.

Jobs for Retirees

We also aim to help retirees as well as stay-at-home moms who wish to make an income source for themselves. They can make a good income from the comfort of their homes.