Where to find new games to play for fun?

They always say that "No news is good news" when it comes to hearing anything that is written in the press these days. Unless you happen to follow the most recent USA Presidential race, you might be thinking that a ‘facepalm’ is on order soon enough, but for most of us there is still hope…

Newspress.io is good-minded folks like you and me who seriously don’t take anything the news takes too serious anyway.

We know the grind of the office 9-5 and know very well when 'It’s Miller Time', so why shouldn’t you like to indulge in some brain-numbing stuff that we consider news? Nothing too over the top and certainly enough to keep you going until the boss calls it a day. If it’s news to us, we’ll press-out the details as best we can. Not exactly the Family Guy version of college humor though you might wonder why we go to so much trouble to lazily post like this instead of online blogs or Facebook, or Twitter. Who needs that kind of headache when social media parasites like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian just ruin-it for others who need the right kind of attention.

What you can expect to find here at newspress.io

Anything we like in general. We even posted some articles that give you an idea what we think about the news industry in general. Then again, fun stress relief sites that give you free slot games also have news pieces about their games- sort of. We keep it simple as possible since nobody wants to read about mutant tarantulas attacking Phoenix, Arizona!

We made the list below for those who like to play free games online for fun and without having to download any software.

We hope that you'll enjoy our collection of possibly the best free games that were released in 2016

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Newspress.io is about to publish lists of free online games that you can find on the Internet. Not old and outdated games, but all new fresh releases. Games that were made in 2016.