Cow: rail hazardA cow, who we’ll be calling ‘Wayne Moo-ney’ until someone tells us to stop

The beautiful game just became the moo-tiful game in a new Cows’ Championship League.

It’s a fantasy football league for cows started by vets in a rural ­practice.

The vets enrolled 13 farmers in the scheme and have given each of their herds the name of a Championship football club. The herds win points through good health, productivity and fertility.

Founded by Alan Jacques from the Market Veterinary Centre in South Molton, Devon, it’s to allow local farmers to see how well they are managing their animals.

Each ­farmer knows the code name of their team and can see how they are doing in the table. Teams include local favourite Plymouth.

Vet Sophia Elsworthy said: ‘We can highlight potential areas of improvement by using the league to benchmark one herd’s performance against the others.’

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