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Day 177: Baaaaa

I decided to be social and go out after work to Top Golf. If you have never heard of it, or don’t have them look it up. It makes going to driving range pretty darn fun. I play golf, so I don’t mind when non-golfers want to go to Top Golf because you can work on your game (relatively) and… Read more →


Day 175-6: Blast! Corp

I am a pretty terrible blogger. But anyways, yesterday was a pretty rough day. Work was fine, actually the best part of the day, and the next event kickball… well it didn’t go so well. We had the early game and played a team that had only lost, just like us. I figured this would be the time we win,… Read more →


Day 172-4: Life of a Goat

Last few days have been kinda lax on the games, I lost my achevement streak on Friday so it took me till Sunday to actually get things going again. I decided to take on Goat Simulator as my next game and wow, the game is GARBAGE. Absolute garbage. Luckily so far the achievements have been pretty easy. I got about… Read more →


Day 170-1: Windows 10 Saga

Yesterday was the official release date of Windows 10. As I mentioned on the show a few days ago, it turns out I had never ran windows update on my Windows 7 machine… Which is pretty bad. I reformatted awhile ago, maybe a few years ago, but I normally dont use my desktop all that much for anything other than… Read more →