Re-Release: When Morning Comes (M/M/M) #amreading #gayromance

Mar 05

My M/M/M novella, When Morning Comes, is back up for sale on Amazon. This is a short and sexy read with BDSM elements. And of course, since this is a re-release, if you’ve read it before, then you’re good. The content has not changed.   Rich kid playboy Logan Sabourin has long been in love with his best friend. He’s learned to keep his game face on...

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Backlist Release: Back For More

Jan 23

Here’s yet another backlist release. This one is Back For More. Nice, short and as dirty as ever. You know how I put it down. You’re looking for a quick read? It’s here. Explicit sexy times? Here. Grown woman not afraid of the D? Yep. A lil 4some, that’s not quite a 4some? Uh-huh. Some voyeurism action? What do you think? Straight men in love...

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New Backlist Release!

Jan 17

Coming Undone is one of my earlier MF titles. Got the rights back, so it’s time to put it back out into the world. If you’re new to me and haven’t read it, now’s your chance. If you have already bought and read it, though, you’re cool. Nothing’s changed, save for the cover and publisher.     Caught up in a life built on...

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Dirty Desire is here!

Oct 16

Took a minute and a half, but Dax and Deacon are finally out into the wild for those of you who aren’t Patrons and haven’t been a part of this unfolding over the months. Now, if you are new here, to me, to my books, and Dirty Desire will be your first Avril Ashton book… I just–I don’t know what to tell you except, please pay close...

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Pre-Order Dirty Desire

Oct 03

Dirty Desire is now available for pre-order at AMAZON. We know it’s a bit of hit and miss over there with them when it comes to the taboo stuff, so let’s all cross our fingers and throw up some prayers to the filthy/freaky gods that they don’t ban us! And, because I will inevitably get this question: The file info as you see it now on AMAZON, says...

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