February 2023 Circumbits

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Feb 032023
feb 23 circumbits
Valentine rose from Buenos Aires Botanical Garden

February—Short and Sweet

Best wishes to Circumnavigators, family and friends for an enjoyable month, the gateway to Spring! Members have been traveling and Chapters have been meeting as happy days are here again.

Foundation Names Grantees

The past couple of years have been a rocky time for the Circumnavigators Foundation with the restrictions and complications on travel caused by the pandemic. We are happy to report two grantees circumnavigated last summer and Northwestern University and Georgetown University selected two grantees to travel this year.  They are:

Elizabeth Hyun

Both students are from Texas and will begin their separate round-the-world trips this summer. Best wishes to both outstanding scholars.

Save the Dates

The always fabulous House of Lords dinner is confirmed in London for December 14, 2023. This event sells out quickly, so book your reservation. You can contact headquarters for more information. Our Annual Meeting will be held in New York City on Friday, May 19 with an outstanding speaker: Azman Mokhtar who circumnavigated the globe on 77 trains one 77 days. All members are welcome and guests are invited to the presentation. More details to follow.

Chapter News

Singapore Chapter

Chapter President Ang Hao Yao presided over a successful Singapore Chapter meeting followed by a sumptuous dinner. The event was held at the prestigious Tower Club which sits at the top of one of Singapore’s tallest buildings with panoramic views over Marina Bay. Guests looked forward to the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit as they ate beautiful Chinese food accompanied with fine wines and sang along with the excellent band.

Northeast Florida Chapter

The pending Northeast Florida chapter had its second organizational meeting last month with 17 attending at a Jacksonville restaurant. Three more applications are in the approval process and the chapter now has double-digit membership with several more expected soon. The next meeting will be in the Spring and chapter organizer Fred Seely asks Circumnavigators to contact him if they know  potential candidates for membership who live in the area. The Chapter covers the entire Northeast Florida area including Ponte Vedra, Amelia Island, St. Augustine and Jacksonville, as well as the southern area of Georgia including Sea Island and St. Simon’s Island.

All over the Map feb 2023

We don’t know if Circumnavigators Norm & Susan Dailey (Washington DC Chapter) ever stay home. They sent us a photo of their visit to Lokobe National Park in Nosy Be Madagascar.  Norm reported, “They didn’t tell us that when the tide went out we would have to walk several hundred yards to get to our dugout boat made from the fiberglass tree.”  They are sailing on Oceania Nautica from Cape Town to Mumbai.

Daileys Madagascar

Circumnavigators Pam & Bill Girtman and Elaine Christian ( all Naples Chapter) visited  Curacao where in this photo they stood in front of a rock formation called Boca de la Pistola or “Mouth of the Pistol”. The sea water has made a channel in the rock so that when a wave crashes, it makes a load noise and explodes in impressive sprays of water. This is just one of the fabulous sites they saw during a recent three-week cruise of the Caribbean. 


Circumnavigator Steven Carmichael (At Large)and his wife, Susan Stoddard, set sail on “Treasures of the Arabian Sea” cruise and visited several interesting sites. They took the opportunity to “fly the flag” at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman and at the Louvre Abu Dhabi in the UAE. They loved their first visit to this part of the world.


Round the World Again…Circumnavigators Bill & Connie Kleinfelter (Naples Chapter)have embarked on an ambitious circumnavigation. A five-month cruise will take them to 61 ports, 32 countries, and six continents, including fly-away off ship to Galapagos and Serengeti. They have reported a great time on the first legs of the adventure with visits to Belize, Guatemala, Columbia, Panama and the Galapagos. Luck to you, Bill and Connie!

Circumnavigators Steve Henna Fuller (At Large) spent the holidays in Romania shown here at the magical Bran Castle.



Circumnavigator Paulette Cooper Noble, President of the Palm Beach Chapter, is a prolific author. She gave a speech at the Palm Beach Yacht Club on how to write and sell your novel or memoir. The presentation was well received. She is shown here with husband Paul and friend Debbie Merrion.

Paulette Cooper Noble

Circumnavigators Donna Suddeth and Pam Girtman (both Naples Chapter) gave a talk on the Circumnavigators Club and Travelers Century Club for the Pelican Bay Women’s League 2023 Speaker Series in Naples.  Approximately 150 women attended with some prospects for membership in the Circumnavigators.

Donna Suddeth and Pam Girtman

Two Circumnavigator Club members have been busy organizing world travel tours. The information is below. The trips are private and not sponsored by the Circumnavigators Club.

Circumnavigator Henna Fuller (At Large) is organizing a round-the-world trip through her organization Cultural Wanderer. She says, “Discover fascinating places firsthand as we circle the globe for 30 days to six countries and five continents- a small group, with seasoned local guides.”

Visit www.culturalwanderer.com or email henna@culturalwanderer.com 

Japan is on the tour

Circumnavigator Eric Oborski (New York Metro) is known for his Santa Goodwill Tours, spreading job across the world. The information for the 2023 Santa Goodwill Tours is up the website www.incontra.com

The Last Shot

Last shot
Thanks to Circumnavigator Brian Baum (Pacific Northwest Chapter) for this brilliant shot in Kilkenny, Ireland during the holidays.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

Naples Chapter lunch Jan.10, 2023

Chapter Spotlight Comments Off on Naples Chapter lunch Jan.10, 2023
Jan 232023

The Naples Chapter held a lunch at the Naples Sailing & Yacht Club

January 2023 Circumbits

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Jan 032023
Jan 2023
happy new year!

Welcome to 2023

We decided to show this imaginative, iconic art piece from 1912 to toast the New Year. Looks like Circumnavigators are sharing bubbly with countries around the world. We have now struggled through three challenging years. Let’s hope for a fresh start in 2023. The Club would like to wish a Happy New Year to our members, family and friends. Our mission to make the world a better place is as important as ever.

all over the map jan 2023

A number of Circumnavigators have ventured to Antarctica recently, some making it their 7th Continent to visit.

dills and minks antartica

Circumnavigators Jon Melody Dill and Dottie & David Mink (Naples Chapter) touched down in Antarctica last month, opting to fly from Chile to avoid the often rough Drake Passage. They picked up a cruise there and marveled at the magnificent scenery.

Walter Suslak 7th continent

Circumnavigator Walter Suslak (At large, Jacksonville, FL) and wife Sally made it to their 7th Continent. Some of Walter’s excellent photos will be featured in the next issue of The LOG.

Lisa Brighton Antartica

Circumnavigator Lisa Brighton (Michigan Chapter) got a work out in the icy waters of Antarctica. She loved her month-long journey to this part of the world.

At this writing, a least two more club members are off to the bottom of the world on separate adventures. They are Michael Puldy (Pacific SW Chapter) and Mark Pross (Washington DC Chapter). Mark is repeating a trip to Antarctica during which he contracted Covid and couldn’t leave his ship for the land excursions. Have you been to Antarctica or plan to go soon? Please let us know at club@circumnavigators.org because we will feature this venue in the next issue of The LOG.

Ann Swinford London

Circumnavigator Ann Swinford (Michigan Chapter) was one of the Americans who ventured to London for the magnificent House of Lords dinner for Circumnavigators. Why not consider attending this wonderful event next December?

Geoff & Marilyn McGrath Thailand

Circumnavigators Geoff Marilyn McGrath (Williamsburg, VA) reported in from their current circumnavigation, visiting here Wat Mahathat Buddhist temple in central Thailand.

Helen Jenkins Ontario

Circumnavigator Helen Jenkins, (President UK Chapter) left Wales to visit Coldwater Village in Ontario, Canada.

Lion & Donna Curran

Circumnavigators Lion Donna Curran (At Large) ventured westward to visit warm venues like Death Valley.

Alan Weiss

Circumnavigator Alan Weiss (Rhode Island) and wife Maria enjoyed a Macallan highball at Park Chinois in London.

Pam & Bill Girtman

Circumnavigators Pam Bill Girtman (Naples Chapter) visited Jamaica where they got this iconic shot of a local street vendor.


Touchdown for the Petersons

Circumnavigators Melanie & Dan Peterson (Chicago Chapter) have enjoyed attending a lot of pro and college football recently. In addition to four NFL games (one each with Circumnavigator son Andrew (At-Large) and daughter Charlotte (At-Large)), Dan flew Melanie in his plane to Philadelphia and back for the Army-Navy Game.  Later it was on to Miami (by airline) for the Orange Bowl, joined by their other Circumnavigator son Matthew (At-Large) for a Tennessee victory. Sixteen hours later Dan was in Phoenix for the CFP Semi-Final Fiesta Bowl and a TCU victory.  And next week Melanie, Dan and Andrew are headed to Los Angeles for the CFP National Championship Game.  For Dan, Club 1st VP, that will push him more than halfway to his goal of seeing a game in all 30 NFL stadiums.

The Last Shot

Atacama Desert in Chile
Thanks to Circumnavigator Steve Barnett (At Large, Panama) for this shot stunning photo from the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

Michigan Holiday Luncheon on December 15 at Plum Hollow Country Club

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Jan 032023
chapter highlight Michigan

Chapter President Kathy Sinclair welcomes new members Bill Volz and Mary Kramer

Chapter President Kathy Sinclair welcomes new members Bill Volz and Mary Kramer2
Chapter President Kathy Sinclair welcomes new members Bill Volz and Mary Kramer

United Kingdom Chapter House of Lords dinner on December 8, 2022

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Dec 232022
house lords dinner
house lords dinner

Miami Chapter event at the Royal Indian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale

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Dec 222022
Miami Chapter highlight
Miami holiday 2022
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