Build Powerful Setup Apps with the All-New Apex Metadata API

End user view of spider chart on Contact

I introduced the Apex Metadata API by showing that the top reason developers want this feature is to build custom setup wizards. Given the importance of that use case, it probably deserves a closer look, don’t you think? Let’s walk through a great example of how StepOrange did this.  Converse is a fundraising and donor […]

NTO Sample App Part 2: Using Platform Events to Integrate Salesforce and Node.js

Platform Events (new in Summer ’17) provide a powerful publish/subscribe infrastructure that facilitates the integration between Salesforce and other applications. In this blog post, I demonstrate how to use platform events to integrate a Salesforce app with a Node.js app running on Heroku. In my previous post, I shared a sample retail application called Northern […]

Northern Trail Outfitters: New Sample Application with Lightning Components, Platform Events, and Salesforce DX

Northern Trail Outfitters is a new sample application that demonstrates the power of the Lightning Component Framework, the Salesforce Platform, and Salesforce DX (the new Salesforce developer experience) to build modern apps fast. It is a rebranded and anonymized version of the application showcased during the TrailheaDX keynote. In this blog post, I share the […]

Introducing the Salesforce DX Open Beta

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Salesforce DX Open Beta! Salesforce DX is now available in all production and business orgs (Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition) — including yours! Core Principals of Salesforce DX Last year at Dreamforce 2016, we shared our vision for a new, modern approach to developing on the […]

Modern Application Development with Salesforce DX and AutoRABIT

Modern Application Development (MAD) is driven at its core by an integrated technology stack, DevOps enabled framework, and a cloud-and mobile-ready infrastructure. This blog post reviews MAD flows, and how AutoRABIT can help you quickly develop Salesforce apps. Drive MAD with Continuous Delivery A popular setup for developers using Salesforce is structured around managing changes […]

Accelerated Decision Making with AI – IBM at TrailheaDX

In March 2017, Salesforce and IBM announced a game-changing partnership. IBM and Salesforce have united to deliver joint solutions that will leverage artificial intelligence and enable companies to make smarter decisions, faster than ever before. IBM Watson, the leading AI platform for business, and Salesforce Einstein, the AI that powers the world’s #1 CRM, will […]

Summer ’17 Highlight: Diving Into Lightning Data Service

One of the most exciting features in Summer '17 is the Lightning Data Service. Through its force:recordData object, you'll be able to build faster—with less code! In this post, we'll break down everything there is to know, and how to leverage force:recordData in your own Lightning Component development – and there's even a Trailhead project […]

Trust, but Verify: Apex Metadata API and Security

The Apex Metadata API is designed for trust and security. It has several mechanisms that enable you to trust, but verify.

Announcing 5 Featured Sessions PLUS Free TrailheaDX 2017 Keynote and Expo Pass

TrailheaDX, the must-attend Salesforce developer event of the year, just got even better. In addition to 180+ technical sessions that help you be your best with Salesforce, we are bringing you five featured sessions on the future of technology, how the best entrepreneurs pitch to win, and how technology can accelerate change for good. And […]

Using Einstein Vision Within Scala

Einstein Vision helps you build smarter applications by using deep learning to automatically recognize images. It provides an API that lets you use image reco gnition to build AI-enabled apps. Today we'll explore how to access Einstein Vision from Scala, which is a scalable language program. Scala is a language that can be used on […]