Spring ’15 Preview – CORS for the Force.com REST API

The Spring ’15 release delivers support for CORS, allowing external web apps, outside the Force.com Platform, to directly access the Force.com REST API. Learn more about CORS and how to leverage it in your JavaScript apps.

#SFWITWednesday: 5 New Year’s Resolutions For a More Diverse Team!

Welcome to the first #SFWITWednesday post of 2015! Have you ever felt like you want your company to level the gender gap to have a more diverse team? While there are things companies have been recently trying, there is a lot you can do as an individual that would make a huge difference! Add the following to your resolution list, and make sure to hold yourself accountable. Very soon you’ll have your diverse team and no longer be the minority in the room!

Best Practices for Improving Visualforce Page Performance

Best Practices for Visualforce Page Performance

Learn these best practices for improving the performance of your Visualforce pages.

Responsive Design with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and Visualforce

In this Dreamforce wrap up Bob Buzzard brings together all of the resources for creating responsive in your JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS embedded in your Visualforce pages.

Managing Complexity in Your Enterprise Implementations

Salesforce Enterprise Architecture - Greg Cook

Salesforce1 is a powerful platform that allows your organization to transform itself. Learn what goes into a good design for managing complexity in your Enterprise Architecture and implementations.

Implementing Single Sign-On in Mobile Applications with Salesforce Identity

Hello I

The Salesforce Mobile SDK gives developers a head start in creating mobile apps that leverage the Salesforce APIs, in particular by implementing authentication in the SDK. This blog entry explains how enterprise developers can build on the Mobile SDK to satisfy requirements such as single sign-on against a corporate identity system, such as Microsoft Active Directory, application-level PIN protection, and distribution within the enterprise.

6 Lessons Learned From Hundreds of Mobile Development Projects

salesforce mobile development

Tom Gersic and team have helped customers in literally hundreds of custom mobile development projects, and has learned some lessons along the way. Here are 6 common practices that will help you in your own mobile development projects.

The Gift of Code


You are a developer. You build applications. Those are valuable skills. But these skills can benefit more than your career. Whether you’re an experienced Salesforce Developer, or just learning the ropes, your expertise┬ácan also benefit our thousands of Salesforce Foundation customers who need help customizing their Salesforce org. Why not give some of your time […]

Salesforce1 Enterprise Deployment Strategy


Learn how to plan, rehearse, and execute on your next flawless Salesforce1 enterprise deployment.

Ringing the Changes in the Force.com JavaScript REST Toolkit

The Force.com JavaScript REST Toolkit (‘ForceTK’ for short) is a minimal JavaScript wrapper for the Force.com REST API. This blog entry looks at recent changes that bring it up to date with the evolution of the Salesforce1 Platform.