Single Page App Webinar Q&A

Single Page App Q&A Thank you to everyone who attended our last webinar, Building a Single Page App with Lightning Components. We learned about: Using base components instead of creating your own Navigating with a single page application using Lightning Component Events and CSS Creating a more dynamic experience by injecting Lightning components in real time We had […]

Using Einstein Vision within

Einstein Vision is a new service that helps you build smarter applications by using machine learning to automatically identify image content. It provides an API that lets you use the power of image recognition to build AI-enabled apps. This blog post helps you learn how to use the Einstein Vision API using Apex and a custom […]

SOQL for the SQL Developer

This blog post helps explain SOQL, or the Salesforce Object Query Language, to developers familiar with SQL. SQL is the granddaddy of query languages, and it’s no surprise why. The relational database remains the de facto data storage workhorse despite the rise of many alternatives. Almost every developer has a working knowledge of SQL and […]

3 Ways to Inspire Future STEM Leaders

Be an Equality Ally

Making a positive impact on your community is easy, inexpensive, and fun! Learn how to inspire youth in your community to pursue STEM careers by going to the movies.

Building Lightning Components with Chart.js

When you need to build custom data visualization components, you can leverage third-party charting libraries like Chart.js, D3, and Highcharts. In this article, I share a set of Lightning Components built with Chart.js. The Lightning Experience charts are gorgeous. You can use the Lightning Dashboard Builder to assemble them in a point-and-click environment and create […]

A Toolkit for Creating and Deploying Bots Inside Salesforce

In this article, I’ll share a simple toolkit to create a bot you can deploy inside Salesforce. Installation should be about 3 minutes. Bots provide a new way to interact with information. Instead of having to navigate through menus or switch between applications to get the information you need, they allow you to ask questions […]

How to Design, Build and Publish Your Lightning Component for AppExchange

This blog post provides a high level overview of the steps needed to create and publish a Lightning component for AppExchange. We will walk through the design, creation, testing and distribution of your Lightning component, with considerations for security, packaging, documentation and capturing success metrics. This post is broken down into three steps: Design your […]

Touring Dreamhouse: A Primer to Developing in Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience is the re-imagined user interface for Salesforce. It's packed with new features to help Salesforce users sell faster, work more productively, and make better decisions. While the previous UI, now known as Classic, was built using a combination of technologies, Lightning Experience is built using the Lightning Component Framework. Lightning Components also drive […]

Field Service apps and development best practices

This blog post walks through what developers may want to know when creating apps for Field Service Lightning. This blog post has a slew of concrete tips and best practices (including code samples) to help you build the best apps for your company’s teams in the field. About the Authors Rohit Kumar is Senior Consultant […]

The Salesforce Lightning Now Tour is Coming to a City Near You

The Lightning Experience is the re-imagined user interface for Salesforce packed with new features developers and admins can use to help their businesses sell faster, work more productively, and make better decisions. We're excited to come to a city near you to show what it can do for your organization. This two-day workshop will give […]