Add Image Recognition Intelligence to Your .NET Apps with Einstein Vision

This post is for .NET developers who want to build image recognition intelligence into their apps. Learn about the Einstein Vision API, and use the sample app as a starting point for your own code.

Mastering Salesforce Lightning Design System Grids and Lightning Layouts

Web applications we create must be both mobile and desktop friendly. Fortunately, with responsive web design frameworks such as the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS), we can thoughtfully develop apps once, then deploy across all devices. In this article we discuss the backbone of responsive Lightning applications: SLDS grids and the related Lightning components of […]

Lightning Components Performance Best Practices

Lightning Components run at the client-side, in a single page (where they are created and destroyed as needed), and alongside other components that work on the same data. In this blog post, we discuss how these characteristics impact performance, and review a list of best practices to optimize the performance of your Lightning Components. If […]

Using Siri with the Salesforce Mobile SDK

App extensions for iOS have been around for some time. They let you implement interesting use cases—if you know the right technology and some tips and tricks. In this blog post, you learn how to use the Salesforce Mobile SDK in conjunction with the SiriKit extension—and how to make Siri create Chatter posts for you. […]

Google Maps with Lightning Components & Visualforce

With Lightning Components, you can build single-page applications that use standard or custom components. You can also use custom frameworks and applications like React, Angular, and Google Maps. This article focuses on using Google Maps in Lightning Components. As Google Maps utilizes a <script> tag, LockerService restricts direct placement into a component, so we'll walk through […]

Mutual Fund Explorer: A New Lightning Components Sample Application

Walking through sample applications is a great way to learn new languages and frameworks. In this article, I share a Mutual Fund Explorer sample application that illustrates standard coding practices and solutions to common problems when building applications with the Lightning Component Framework. It’s not necessary to be familiar with the financial services industry to […]

Using Einstein Vision on Heroku or Mobile

In my previous blog post, you learned how to use Einstein Vision with There are many possible use cases, but the one that we focus on today involves predicting images on Heroku, using legacy on-premises or native mobile applications. Let’s dive into some examples. Introducing Einstein Vision wrappers for Java and Swift You can […]

Machine-to-Machine Salesforce Integrations in Java with REST and SOAP

When doing a human-to-machine integration you should use the OAuth web or mobile flow so that the credentials never pass through the integration application. In the case of machine-to-machine integrations, the integration must have an integration user's credentials and use either the username & password OAuth flow for REST or direct authentication for SOAP. Also, […]

Salesforce Data Security Model — Explained Visually

To provide a security model that satisfies numerous, unique real-world business cases, Salesforce provides a comprehensive and flexible data security model to secure data at different levels. Salesforce also provides sharing tools to open up and allow secure access to data based on business needs. In this post, I explain how security features work together by taking a real-world scenario and describing it using images and GIFs.