Monitoring Apex Test Code Coverage

Learn how you can use the recently released Tooling API to maintain detailed knowledge on how our test code is evolving over time; which classes and triggers need more work; and how classes contribute to the overall test code coverage in your org.

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Building Content-Rich Visualforce Pages with Salesforce CRM Content

With Salesforce CRM Content, you can organize, share, search, and manage content within your organization and across key areas of the Salesforce application. This content can include all file types–from traditional business documents, such as Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations–to Google Docs™ Web pages and audio, video, and image files. In this blog post, you can learn about [...]

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Building Beautiful Mobile Apps In Visualforce Using AngularJS And Ionic – Part II

This is a continuation of Part 1 of my previous blog that had 3 short videos about AngularJS, Ionic and also how to port it to Visualforce.
In this blog we will take a look at how to make our example Ionic app interact with Salesforce and then make it work inside Salesforce1 mobile app.

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Are Events in Your Marketing Mix? Make a Connection and Expand Your Reach

It is pretty well known that at we love our events. In a year we host hundreds that range in size and audience, all connecting people live in a meaningful way. Whether it is an executive round table, a regional tour event, a fifteenth birthday party, or Dreamforce, we see and feel the value of face-to-face [...]

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Building Beautiful Mobile Apps In Visualforce Using AngularJS And Ionic (Part 1)

This is the first part of a multi-part “video” blog that shows how to build beautiful mobile apps. It has 3 short videos that 1: Introduces AngularJS and Ionic JavaScript Frameworks, 2: Goes over an example Ionic “Single page App” code to show how AngularJS and Ionic actually work and 3. And the 3rd video shows how to port that app to Visualforce. This blog also has pointers to several hand picked AngularJS and Ionic resources to get you going in no time.

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Adding Salesforce PIN Security To Native And Hybrid Mobile Apps

Security is perhaps the No.1 feature of Salesforce. Salesforce provides multiple layers of security at every level starting from servers to mobile SDKs. One such security feature is “PIN Security” feature. Enable it and it will force mobile (i.e. both Native or Hybrid SDK) users to set 4 to 8 digit passcode for their app. Once enabled, if the user switches to a different app and comes back after some specified time, the app will ask for the passcode! Sweet, isn’t it?

Even cooler part is that it’s built-in and with few simple configurations, your users are ready to use it. Let’s see how it works.

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Spring ’14 MVP Nominations Are Open!

It’s been raining for the past week in San Francisco and the biggest store display you see these days tends to be the one for allergy relief so it’s safe to conclude that Spring has Sprung here! And how better to celebrate then to kick off another round of nominations for the MVP program? Today I’m pleased to officially open the nomination period for the Spring ’14 class of MVPs.

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Women in Tech: Master Dancer, Masters in Technology, Master Instructor

Leah McGowen-Hare was introduced to programming at an early age, but grew up wanting to be a dancer, not a programmer, and certainly not a teacher like her parents. Fate had other plans, and she found her niche as a technical trainer. She still dances in her off hours, and she also spends her time volunteering her skills to help others find their niche on the Salesforce1 Platform.

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From Idea to Product in 5 Months: Hackathon – The Spark That Lit The Fire

The Dreamforce 2013 Hackathon was Challenging! A team of two + new technologies + a full schedule of meetings and presentations = the best of times + the worst of times. Our goal for the Hackathon was to develop a proof-of-concept mobile customer-engagement solution using newly-released iBeacon proximity sensing technology. Fast forward 5 months…

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