Top 3 Reasons Heroku Developers Should Attend TrailheaDX

Are you developing with Heroku, or wondering where to start? Either way, you're invited to join us at TrailheaDX - the must-attend Salesforce developer event of the year! The adventure begins on June 28, and we're planning two days packed full of fun networking, chances to give back to the community, and 140+ technical sessions […]

How to Build a Lightning File Uploader Component

Many developers have asked how to upload files via Lightning components. In this article, we'll show you how to build a file uploader in Lightning components using Visualforce, which affords the additional benefit of increased file size limits. This article assumes that you’re already familiar with Lightning components. If not, before proceeding check out the […]

Level up Your Cred at TrailheaDX With Free Certification Vouchers

Keep your learning momentum going after TrailheaDX with two free Salesforce certification vouchers. Register by June 1 to take advantage of this offer.

Free Debugger for Unlimited Edition

It has been some time since we released the Apex Interactive Debugger. The feedback we’ve gotten on the tool has been largely positive! We want more of you to use the tool and have this positive experience, but not enough of you have had the opportunity. We are aiming to change that by giving this […]

Using IBM’s The Weather Company Data in Salesforce

Scheduling appointments or planning field service—there are many opportunities to use weather-related data for enhancing the customer experience. This is one reason why Salesforce and IBM are strategic partners, with the goal of delivering joint solutions designed to leverage AI and enable companies to make smarter decisions. In this blog post you learn how to use weather […]

Equality at TrailheaDX ’17

What’s in the works for Equality at TrailheaDX 2017? Here are 3 things to put on your TrailheaDX "must do" list.

Using Einstein Vision Within Golang

Einstein Vision is a service that helps you build smarter applications by using deep learning to automatically recognize images. It provides an API that lets you use image recognition to build AI-enabled apps. Golang is becoming a popular programming language as it is extremely fast, has a low-runtime footprint, and has a statically linked binary with […]

Image-Based Search with Einstein Vision and Lightning Components

Einstein Vision enables you to bring the power of image recognition to your application. As an example, this blog post describes how to use Einstein Vision to add image-based search to the DreamHouse sample application. In the DreamHouse sample application, prospective home buyers know the type of house they like when they see it; but […]

First Impressions with Platform Events and the Salesforce Enterprise Messaging Platform

There’s something new and exciting coming with our Summer ’17 release: Platform Events! They have nothing to do with your calendar or Activities in Salesforce. Instead, Platform Events is a new native feature that, when paired with the enterprise messaging platform, enables near real-time integrations in the spirit of event-driven architecture. Salesforce is known for […]

Add Image Recognition Intelligence to Your .NET Apps with Einstein Vision

This post is for .NET developers who want to build image recognition intelligence into their apps. Learn about the Einstein Vision API, and use the sample app as a starting point for your own code.