Displaying User Notifications with the Lightning Component Framework

In this blog post, we explore a Lightning event and a component that displays user notifications: toasts and modals. We'll share best practices and sample code for each of these components. Toasts Toasts are the simplest form of notification a developer can use to display a notification dynamically. They are used to provide basic user […]

An In-Depth Look at Lightning Component Events

This post presents the specificities of Lightning component events (in opposition to application events). This event type is the most commonly used in the Lightning Component framework; yet, it’s also the most complex. Few Lightning developers know all of its “secrets.” This article is a follow up of the Lightning Inter-Component Communication Patterns post. If […]

Get your Lightning components ready for Winter ’18

You know what they say — time flies when you're having fun! And we've been having a lot of fun since Lightning Experience launched two short years ago. This blog post covers several enhancements in the Winter '18 release which might affect your components and Visualforce pages. In addition to a ton of new features, […]

My session didn’t get selected for Dreamforce. Now what?

I thought the hardest part of trying to submit ideas for the Developer Track at Dreamforce was putting together the abstract. Once I actually submitted, I then realized waiting to find out if any of my ideas got accepted was even harder. And then I got the email letting me know that NONE of my […]

Federated Search for Salesforce ISVs

Federated search enables users to query external data repositories while remaining in the Salesforce user interface. It became generally available with the Summer ’17 release, and works in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. In this post, I show you how easy it is to set up federated search and to include it in your […]

Migrating Existing Projects to Salesforce DX

Are you ready to move to Salesforce DX, but your source code is currently in a Developer Edition (DE) or Sandbox org? In this blog post, I describe the easy steps to convert existing source code to a Salesforce DX project. I recently converted the latest version of the DreamHouse sample application to a Salesforce […]

Build Powerful Setup Apps with the All-New Apex Metadata API

I introduced the Apex Metadata API by showing that the top reason developers want this feature is to build custom setup wizards. Given the importance of that use case, it probably deserves a closer look, don’t you think? Let’s walk through a great example of how StepOrange did this.  Converse is a fundraising and donor […]

NTO Sample App Part 2: Using Platform Events to Integrate Salesforce and Node.js

Platform Events (new in Summer ’17) provide a powerful publish/subscribe infrastructure that facilitates the integration between Salesforce and other applications. In this blog post, I demonstrate how to use platform events to integrate a Salesforce app with a Node.js app running on Heroku. In my previous post, I shared a sample retail application called Northern […]

Northern Trail Outfitters: New Sample Application with Lightning Components, Platform Events, and Salesforce DX

Northern Trail Outfitters is a new sample application that demonstrates the power of the Lightning Component Framework, the Salesforce Platform, and Salesforce DX (the new Salesforce developer experience) to build modern apps fast. It is a rebranded and anonymized version of the application showcased during the TrailheaDX keynote. In this blog post, I share the […]

Introducing the Salesforce DX Open Beta

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Salesforce DX Open Beta! Salesforce DX is now available in all production and business orgs (Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition) — including yours! Core Principals of Salesforce DX Last year at Dreamforce 2016, we shared our vision for a new, modern approach to developing on the […]