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  • Prescription Diet

    Prescription Diet™

    Clinically proven nutrition to alleviate your pets' most important health conditions.

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  • Science Plan

    Science Plan™

    Scientifically developed nutrition to fit your pet's age, size and sensitivity.

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  • Ideal Balance

    Ideal Balance

    Natural ingredients perfectly balanced*

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Supermodels up for adoption – Meet Digby and the Gang

Four of Cape Town’s newest supermodels are up for adoption! Digby, Imogen, Honey and TJ (aka Digby and the Gang), all from TEARS Animal Rescue in Sunnydale, are the heroes of a new campaign for Hill’s Pet Nutrition South Africa.

Don’t Let Stomach Problems Get Between You and Your Pet

Pet tummy troubles, which often present as vomiting and diarrhoea, are as common as they are stressful.

How to Make Your Own Dog Obstacle Course

You love spending time with your dogs, and as fun as a dog obstacle course would be, it can seem unattainable. Luckily, you may already have the materials and equipment for a homemade course around the house.


* Natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids

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