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Improve Thermal Performance and Lower Costs

An optimized value engineered approach to framing kills two birds with one stone

Design Details

An Open-Air Balcony That Functions Like a Birdcage

The oceanfront porch on this Alys Beach home opens to expansive views of the Gulf Coast

How Much Are Residential Building Companies Marking Up Jobs In 2023?

Benchmark your building company against its competitors by downloading The State of Residential Construction Industry (SORCI) Annual Report 2023…
Q & A

Q+A: Cultivating Creativity

Minnesota-based Otagawa-Anschel Design, Build and Architecture is known for its unique building and design elements, which spring from the creativity of its owner/principal, Michael Anschel

Case Studies

Cool Desert Design in Tucson

Ibarra Rosano Design Architects referenced traditional Mexican houses for inspiration to resolve a typical infill issue: admitting natural light while maintaining privacy

An Artistic Use of Dramatic Lighting

This 7,500-square-foot Lake Winnebago home nicknamed "The Retreat" is an example of how significant an impact dramatic lighting can have on a home's aesthetic


Would You Invest in Your Business?

A brief guide to gauging the value of your business

The State of the Residential Construction Industry 2023 Report [Free Download]

Residential building companies have never had access to this level of information… The Association of Professional Builders interviewed over 1,000…

The Fundamental Integration of Sustainability and Architecture

California architect Ryan McDaniel provides real-world insights and examples into how he approaches sustainability for his projects. 


Backstory: Growing Up

From custom residential to multifamily, hospitality, and product design, this NYC firm leverages its philosophy across four design verticals

Custom Builder

Windows and Wood Tie Modern Midwest Home to the Outdoors

An architecture firm designed a modern Indianapolis home with an abundance of glass and greenery to reflect the occupants’ biophilic interest.…
Custom Builder

In Business: Modern Design, Compromise, and Money

Custom builder Zane Williams opens up about what it takes to maintain his architectural vision, from handling clients and staying true to his fluid style, to the importance of transparency and how a slush fund avoids awkward conversations mid-construction

Case Studies

Custom Remodel: A Childhood Log Cabin Grows Up

Renovating an entire house isn’t always the most economical option, but it offers a host of  other benefits


Effective Trade Partnerships

Seeing trade partners as equals means showing them respect by valuing their work


One Custom Builder's Model for Staying Ahead of the Curve

In an unusual move for a custom builder, Compo Builders is using a model home to showcase cutting-edge technology

Custom Builder

Five Key Spokes of the Business Bike Wheel

Much like a bike wheel depends on its spokes to work effectively, a business depends on its various departments to find success in the market. 


Smart Home Tech for All

New builder study reveals pervasiveness of home electronics

A Light-Filled Renovation in Minnesota Draws Its Inspiration from an Unlikely Source

Set on a 6-acre wooded, lakeshore site in eastern Minnesota, “Cloud Forest House” draws its name from the homeowners’ travels to the cloud forests of…
Custom Builder

A Historical Fix on a Modern Foursquare

The Foursquare is an American architectural staple, but modern building has removed some of its historic details. Restoration expert Brent Hull uses a hypothetical redesign to illustrate the point 

Expert craftsman Chip Wade trusts ForceField® Weather Barrier System.

This versatile sheathing system is easy to install, allows for quick dry-in and can pass the test of time.
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