International business can be complicated. Finding the right global I.T. Partner does not have to be.

In a global economy you need partners that understand how to do
international business where you and your customers are. Learn more

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Choosing the right global transaction model is a key variable to your international business. Presidio helps global organizations address various procurement, logistics and service issues. We have a dedicated team of global commerce and logistics professionals available to assist with any unforeseen roadblocks or challenges

Practical Thinking for a Connected World

We help clients unlock the unlimited potential of a completely connected world. We understand that the backbone of this unprecedented level of connection is Information Technology. Watch our story.

Presidio By Numbers
Practical Perspective

Everything is connected. And this connectivity is changing the way everyone does business. We see in this transformation not just complexity, but also opportunity. Not merely the risk, but also the potential for unlimited possibilities. Read more here

I.T. as a Service.

It’s not if but when.

Business demands have changed I.T. service delivery expectations. What is your strategy and when is the right time to implement? Learn more about our offering

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Practical Perspective

What applications should you take to the cloud? What are public, private and hybrid cloud options? Will you require single or multi tenant access and what is the shortest path to drive benefit from the cloud? Presidio can help.

Practical Thinking and Listening Are the keys to clients' success.

Meet Tony Kaperick, a Presidio Practical Thinker who believes consulting starts with listening.

Presidio By Numbers
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"Presidio understood us as a company. They understood the needs for ourselves and for our customers."
Dave Chivers, CIO, VSE Corporation
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