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Small Business IT Support

I want to work with a professional IT company but don't want the expense of a contract - just support and advice on demand.
HTL offers your company corporate class IT Support services at SME friendly prices without the hassle of a contract.

Prepaid support will give you full access to rapid response support, as and when you need it.

As an HTL client you will also get access to the entire range of IT support services provided by IT Lab.

I still want the best help available - my data is critical to my business.

HTL Group Outsourcing IT SupportHTL is on of Londons fastest growing provider of SME support services

You will get access to the same enterprise class team of fully certified engineers and specialists as our contracted clients, but on your own terms.

With custom projects to build the perfect network and minute packs for support on demand - HTL is the flexible, affordable, full service IT Dept for your business.

I hate it when my suppliers blame each other for problems - I want to make one phone call and know the issue will go away.

With HTL you will have access to your very own support technician who will relentlessly chase your problem until it is resolved – no matter where the fault lies.

We break the blame game and give you a one phone call solution to any problem so that you can get on with your business.

This is but one part of your own dedicated IT Team, designed to cater to all of your needs.

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