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Unnecessary and Unproductive Guilt

by Barbara on August 8, 2013

As I write this I am at my cottage.  Come and join me here while I write.  Pull up a chair and lets chat.

Human being to Human being.

I am on vacation for two weeks.  Its beautiful here with the lovely warm Georgian Bay water and the beautiful sunset that will start in about 23 minutes.  I should be relaxed after my lovely steak dinner and ice cream sandwich dessert (ok – 2 ice cream sandwiches…not home made after all this is not foodie blog) but I am feeling pretty guilty.

Guilty damit!

Not about my painting business.  After all – I have meetings with clients when I get back and I arranged to have this time off.

This guilt is the guilt of inactivity, a.k.a not “working” my Networking Business.  There I said it.  I am not talking to a soul about my MLM.   I am reading on Facebook about how the leaders in my company are flying all over the world introducing our services and business to people (one woman is 9 month preggers and is a force to be reckoned with) and they are jumping on board and well…its pissing me off!

To be clear – I am pissed at myself…I thought I was pissed at them…but no…upon reflection I’m angry with my inaction.

I am just being truthful now and perhaps this may not make it to my blog, but we are friends right…so here’s the deal.

I only feel good about my business when I am doing my business. I set a goal to reach a promotion by my birthday (August 13th)  and I am not going to make it.  Its painfully clear unless I actually work my business, regularly and with passion I will not be successful.  I know this mentally, so why am I not doing anything about it but feeling guilty.  Habit I guess…a very BAD Habit!

So, my challenge is active consistency.

That and eating properly but thats for another blog.

Oh yes and focus.  Focus is key too!

So I am asking you all to be my mentors!  Too keep me on track and give me heck if I slack off!  I do love my Network Marketing company and I know how much we can improve peoples lives!


This blog is part of the transition from being a wannbe “force to be reconed with” and the real deal.


Ok –  the mosquitoes are coming in full force so the sun must be setting.  I’ll chat with you later and let you know my plan for changing my guilt into success.


My inaction shall we call it, into action!


Love Barb





P.S.  Filing and Pintrest don’t count as action….




Changing yet staying the Same

by Barbara on August 1, 2013

I have made some changes in my career and I would love to share it with you!

While still LOVING art, colour, painting and murals. Nothing will change that any time soon.

I realized that I had no investments, I could never retire or sell my company and frankly I would be working forEVER.

I found this realization unappealing.

I needed to make a change – so I made a list of the perfect perimeters for this new venture, not knowing what is was going to be I thought I should define it so I would know it when I saw it:

1) work from home

2) no product to order, pack, store or ship

3) flexable hours as I still had a painting company to run and a family to take care of

4) something with a residual income  (I always felt I was looking for work with Paint A Lifestyle and I didn’t want another company where I had to do the same)

5) I did not want to exchange time for money

6) No employees or subcontractors

So that was my list.  It steared me every which way, it cost me when I went a stray and ignored the list, but in the end I stuck to my guns and found something that had a tick in each box.

Now I know your asking me: How do you add a new business to your life when you consider yourself to be a busy person?  While Paint A Lifestyle is an amazing business I have found that I took me away from my family, friends and consumed my time like a bear waking from hibernation.

When I had a great month with Paint A Lifestyle, my home life suffered.  As I contemplated shutting the business down completely I freaked out because what does a Decorative Artist do when she didn’t want to be a decorative artist any more???

I’d die behind a desk.

I am a lousy employee!

I wanted a home business but didn’t want to be packing product or be a glorified shipper?

I wanted something with a residual income…something I could still schedule around my family and business, something that challenged me but allowed a learning curve while I started to make money.  And I didn’t want to work alone any more.

Impossible…….I though so too.

But it wasn’t, and its not, and I am glad I didn’t listen to those naysayers that told me to stay doing what I was doing, (after all those were their words of fear), that times were tough and I should start another business or that my place was at home (good one…..bahahahahahahahaha)

I wandered onto a new and exciting path..quite unexpectedly…….I am an Accidental Network Marketer!

Stay tuned, come for a laugh, a cry and growing pains while I explore this new Career while balancing Paint A Lifestyle, Mother Hood, Life and Networking.

Lets see how great this adventure is going to be….

Love Me.



Painted Palace

by Barbara on April 27, 2012

I came across this picture on Facebook, thank you Heidi Von Weitzer-Schmith!  I am so glad we are FB Friends! .  It is a stunning mural found in the Schloss Schonbrunn  in Vienna, Austria.  When I researched this Palace I was overwhelmed at the beauty, art and craftsmanship found through out!  I am so inspired that I will be posting about this Palace over the next few weeks! Talking a little bit of its history and showing you the lovely details.

Then one day, one day soon, I will go there myself, in a ball gown and with a camera!

I wish people would paint their homes like this again.  Not just for selfish entrepreneurial reasons but because there is so much beauty to behold and fun to have!  To thrill the eyes and surprise the heart!  Well!  We don’t have enough of this positive spirit in in our lives!


Its A Feast for the EYES!  Enjoy!

A strange, exotic world awaits us in these rooms. Walls and ceiling are covered in landscape painting which conveys the illusion of a remote world alive with exotic birds and animals.

Today widely known as Bergl Rooms with its breathtaking mural paintings are one of the jewels of Schönbrunn Palace and has been open exclusively for groups!

Johann Wenzel Bergl´s rendering of the plants and fruits is based on studies of nature, which he could easily have made in the hothouses of the palace gardens. He could also have sought advice from the botanists belonging to the circle around Emperor Francis Stephen as he brought the world of the tropic into the chilly rooms of the ground floor. In her old age, Maria Theresa used these rooms as her “summer rooms” when it became too hot and oppressive in her apartments upstairs.

The following generation covered over the murals with grey canvas screens. It was not until 1891 that these were removed, and in 1965 restoration work was started on the murals and measures undertaken to eradicate the damp.

Information from: www.schoenbrunn.at


What stunning rooms!  To be wrapped in art like this would be a delight!

Goëss Apartment

Goëss Apartment

Have a look at a few more beautiful pictures on Lynne Rutter | the Ornamentalist –  flicker site – she was lucky enough to go and experience these murals up close and personal!

So I had best start taking photography lessons and make an appointment to see the rooms (they are only one for special occasions and by  appointment)

Next:   Sharing blogs that I love – its good to spread the love!




Love Barb


What is a diptych and can I eat it?

No you can not eat a diptych unless it is made out of candy – which I am not wholly excluding as a possibility!

But my definition of a diptych is: two panels or pieces of art work that were painted as a whole piece – to be displayed together.  Some say it must be hinged but I was they are two pieces of a whole (Like a good marriage)

There is even a Flickr site devoted to diptychs!

There are the historical Diptychs:

Ivory consular diptych of Areobindus, Byzantium, 506 AD, Louvre.

And then there is the Modern:

Andy Warhol, Marilyn Diptych (1962)

There are photographs:


 And there are paintings:


The reason Why I an thinking in doubles is because I need to do to the optometrist and I want to paint a diptych for my front entrance – something bright and bright and bright and colourful!

Maybe even neon ish!

Pictures to follow!

  Next:  Painted Palaces Pt I




Love Barb




Checkers anyone?!

by Barbara on April 21, 2012

I am painting in a shop this week and part of next.  Although I am picking and choosing the projects I am working on ( such a luxury and I am feeling a little guilty – but that’s another post) I wasn’t all that excited about painting a checkerboard on a round table.

But once I go started I had a lot of fun.

Measuring wasn’t so bad – I am awful with numbers and hypotenuse theory’s and in the end with a few calculations I figured it all out!

This part of the project was usually executed by my business partner Carolyn, but since she’s gone off and decided to save peoples lives as an amazing Paramedic,  its fallen on my shoulders.  So stretching the mind – I measured and calculated and divided and VOILA!

The beginnings of something straight!

Once I had cut out all the excess tape I burnished those edges like my life depended on it!  And honestly, it did!  The little seepage that happens when tape allows the paint to go under is one of the most annoying things on this planet.

That and environmental destruction – but I digress…

Painting away with my fingers crossed!  Two coats please – always two coats!

Once I removed the tape and wept at all the seepage – I began to touch up the edges ever so patiently – because that’s me – Patient and calm…..

I realized that I had missed a small line to define the light areas.  Since I hadn’t painted out the base in a different colour to make it look more like a traditional chess board, I created a thin pencil line to  complete the look! I burnished this with the back side of a razor!  No leakage this time – see I learn!!!

Ta Da!  Now off to learn chess…


Diptychs – fun paintings or a summer candy treat?   Have a great day Everyone!



Love Barb


Making Painted hands beautiful again!

by Barbara on April 18, 2012

I was on Facebook again – I seem to be on FB often.

And I came across this link to a fabulous site that talks about the uses for lemons. This link made me jump up and go to the kitchen!

I love lemons – I buy them weekly even if I don’t need them because they are sooooo useful.

I made this Lemon Sugar hand scrub in about 5 minutes and it works beautifully –

It got the paint off my hands and they are as soft as soft!

Go to ohsheglows.com and get the recipe – its worth the 5 minutes to make it!  TRUST ME!!!!!

Picture from ohsheglows.com ( she’s a better photographer than isn’t she – no…don’t answer that)

My hands will never be that same – the old lady hands my children point out (nice right….) are no longer.

So for all you painter ladies ( and men who want soft hands)

Make this up – use it!

I recommend it!


Shop Finishes and dust!  Just what a decorative artist  ordered! Not!


Love Barb


Longer than the Nile

by Barbara on April 16, 2012

The temperature is now a steady 15 degrees Celsius and I can now paint outside

– doors, decks and fill my garage with furniture to be painted.  Then I don’t have to use my studio, it needs cleaning, and pitching and scraping and sorting,  paint cans are molding,

and the smell is unpleasant but not entirely, sample boards from 10 years ago are bent, I moved my elliptical outside in pieces – any one want it?  Its barely been used ;), my slop bucket of paint is ghastly ( who knew it had an H in it – thank you auto correct) and needs to be moved – its chatting to be again, this time in French…I need to scrape my table, its too lumpy to do samples on.  I have to re sort my paint because I am sure I have that particular colour of tangerine every one is loving some where here!


I have books and books of wall paper when I misguidedly thought I could sell paper on this site as an “MSI”, they must go, I have to take down my Christmas lights

and my ladder is on site so its out the window into the roof (again) to remove them, I have a huge load of paint rags and a washing machine full of clothes, my daughter keeps bugging me to go to Buffalo to get Monster High Dolls because the originals that she wants aren’t sold in Canada any more……

Ree from The Pioneer woman gave me the idea for this post because everyone needs to know

There are these days for everyone, where the list is longer than the Nile and that even though I have a meeting at 2 and a garden that needs tending or I will be a mess like last year

All will be fine, even great, even fantastic,

Now where did I put my keys?

Next!    Off to paint a checkerboard on a table

Now I have to measure! (I am not good at measuring)




Love Barb


Dabble Magazine: Burberry Style

by Barbara on February 1, 2012

The Dabble Magazine article is out!

Its official!

Burberry is a winner!


Fashion as interior design inspiration is all the rage in 2012 and this I took look to the extreme!  Designer Jennifer Brouwer loves everything fashion so when we were having a power lunch we decided to take this concept and RUN WITH IT!

How fun that Dabble magazine thought it was an inspiration too!


Next:  Translating a concept into a Finish!

Burberry style!






Sneak Peak – Confidence in Colours

by Barbara on January 30, 2012

This is a sneak peak of the wonderful colours that will inspire, help and heal: 

The Yellow Brick House Shelter

More to come on this fantastic design by Jennifer Brouwer – JenniferBrouwerDesign.com. How colours enhance the lives of all those around us!  And how giving back inspires us all!



More Luscious pictures to share and the exciting unveiling of a fun finish in Dabble Magazine!







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