Rebuilding Healthier Neighborhoods

How Four Cities Brought Health into Redevelopment Projects

Revitalizing neighborhoods through the formal process of redevelopment can bring an array of health benefits for residents. But health considerations are not usually a priority for redevelopment agencies, where success is measured in terms of increased tax revenue. With strong partnerships between public health and redevelopment agencies – and critical participation from neighborhood residents – redevelopment plans can support both economic and public health goals.

ChangeLab Solutions (formerly Public Health Law & Policy) created this series of podcasts to show how four different communities have pursued this innovative partnership. Each podcast brings to life a story of how the redevelopment process helped advance public health, improving local air quality and making parks and healthy food more accessible. The series comprises six podcasts in total, which are available here and also via feed reader.

Oakland: A Struggle to be Heard

Eminent domain runs amok, resulting in the demolition of entire neighborhoods.


San Jose: A Voice in the Process

A strong neighborhood coalition emerges as residents organize around neighborhood safety.


Richmond: A Change in the Air

Residents use public health data to make the case for improving local air quality.


San Francisco: A Fresh Approach

A collaborative approach brings both healthier groceries and economic success.


New Opportunities for Redevelopment

How can redevelopment staff partner with public health agencies to advance economic and public health goals?


New Opportunities for Public Health

How can public health staff partner with redevelopment agencies to build healthier communities?