I have taken offline temporarily and am providing some alternative links in the short run -- look to the lower-right side of the page. is offline because it has been targeted by hackers for the third time in the last four months. You can thank hacker dorks for the page not displaying that you were hoping to see. They unfortunately turn their talents to destruction. I did add more security measures and update the software each time, but they seem to have a fetish with or a good collection of vBulletin hacks.

Good news... Russophile will be back

I will re-create the site on a totally different platform that does not require so many security updates and is not as open to hacking. Additionally, I will work to ensure that every link that other people have made to my site will continue to work, so please don't drop your links to my site just yet.


It could take several weeks before this page is replaced by something and it will take several more weeks to replace the whole site. I will try to start with the most popular posts and those with the most links to them.


You can contact me at russophile *(DOT)* com *(AT)* gmail *(DOT)* com. Remove the ()'s and the *'s to make the email address work.

I'll be back. -BZM

Posted: July 12, 2008

Update Links

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Russian Blog Recommendations

While Russophile is down, check out the following sites about Russia:

That list was compiled quickly, so I know that I missed several good sites, but that is a great start for Russia related websites. Well, unless you were interested specifically in some of my travels to Siberia -- that content was unique from what I had seen.