Scott Zirkel

Making stuff up since 1977

Scott Who?

I am an artist. I am a comic book writer. I am a designer. I am a developer. I am really sounding pretentious.

OK, fine. I'm the Creative Director for The Alara Group, a marketing firm in the Texas Hill Country. In my spare time I like to draw, write and solve crimes.

As you may have noticed, I have stripped away much of what was on this site. Over the last decade I have found that while a good number of you still come to me, much more of you would rather I come to you. So instead of maintaining a blog and various portfolios both here and in the wild, I believe it will benefit both you and I to focus more on content and less on delivery. I have a variety of followers, some interested in parts, others the whole, of my various escapades. Follow what you like, ignore what you don't. If I have missed a popular spot or if there's a new hangout all the kids are at, please feel free to contact me via Twitter and let me know!

Latest Drawings

For more, check out my portfolio at deviantArt. I do take commissions, just let me know what you're looking for!

Projects I've worked on or contributed to


He-Guy and the Guys of the Universe
Wonderdog, Inc
A Bit Haywire

Other books I've written or contributed to


Most of my design work can be found in the portfolio of The Alara Group or on Behance.


99% of my code is private client work, but I'm hoping to contribute more to GitHub.


Always bet on the special guest star.