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I’m speaking at SQL Saturday 563 in Dallas

This will be my second time speaking at SQL Saturday in Dallas. My first was last year and it was a great time. I enjoyed hanging out with all the attendees and speakers. Who wouldn’t want to have a chat with Kalen Delaney or Bob Ward? The Dallas edition of…

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Posted in Confessions of a Microsoft Addict on 25 August 2016

PASS Board Update

Time for another update.

The minutes for the June in-person meeting have been approved and are now ready for your information. We accomplished a lot in the two days and you can read what we did there. I’m pleased about two things. First, while it took until the July meeting… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 25 August 2016

SQL Saturday–Viking Edition

I’m off to the Viking Ship Museum for SQL Saturday #532. Actually, the Viking Museum will (hopefully) be a side trip on Friday before the actual event. The actual training will be at the Noroff campus in Oslo.

This is my first trip to Norway, and while it… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 25 August 2016

Speaking at SQLSaturday #555, Munich 2016

I am very honoured to share that I have been picked up to speak at the German SQLSaturday in Munich 2016 on the 8th of October. The very first SQLSaturday in Germany was one of my first international SQLSaturdays back…

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Posted in Niko's blog on 25 August 2016

Calculating DTU in Azure SQL Database

A few months ago, I posted a question over on  In a nutshell, it was how do you measure DTU? How could you pull the data shown in the Azure Portal graphs with T-SQL?  No one answered, so this motivated me get off my butt and answer my… Read more

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Posted in John Sterrett on 24 August 2016

Output into a Table–#SQLNewBlogger

Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as #SQLNewBloggers.

I often see people struggling to use triggers for auditing, or having issues with building them to handle multi row updates. However, there’s another choice: the OUTPUT… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 24 August 2016

This Week in Data – Episode 1 (The Value of Certifications)

We know you you’ve been dying to know, what is TWID?  Drumroll please…. We’re excited to announce the launch of This Week In Data!  This Week In Data is a weekly video podcast hosted by Adam Jorgensen and Devin Knight that discusses important news and topics within the… Read more

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Posted in Devin Knight on 24 August 2016

SQL Server 2016 real-time operational analytics

SQL Server 2016 introduces a very cool new feature called real-time operational analytics, which is the ability to run both analytics (OLAP) and OLTP workloads on the same database tables at the same time.  This allows you to eliminate the need for ETL and a data warehouse in some cases… Read more

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Posted in James Serra's Blog on 24 August 2016

1 Day Workshop – Columnstore Deep Dive (in German) on 6th of October 2016

To support more and more people jumping to Columnstore INdexes, OH22 have decided to open another public 1-day deep dive workshop on Columnstore Indexes. This public workshop will take place in Munich on 6th of October 2016, at Microsoft Germany…

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Posted in Niko's blog on 24 August 2016

Copying an on-premise Database to an Azure SQL Database

Continuing my exploration of Azure the next logical step seemed to be copying an on-premise database up to the cloud. This is also the next in the ideas I got while watching Jes Borland’s (b/t) excellent session on Azure and SQL Server on the Pass Data… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 24 August 2016

Finding the Right Path

I have a fairly large backlog of articles that are in progress or that are planned for my series about Extended Events. Despite the backlog and planned articles, every now and then something else comes up that bumps things around. This article is an example of bumping the schedule around.… Read more

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Posted in SQL RNNR on 24 August 2016

Know How to Prevent SQL Database Corruption in An Efficient Manner


As many companies rely on SQL Server Database for the storage of their data, database administrators need to make sure that the database is made available whenever required without failure. In order to ensure that, he/she needs to make sure that the data integrity is maintained all the time… Read more

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Posted in Zora's SQL Tips on 24 August 2016

10 on Tech Podcast – To The Cloud and Back Again

On episode of one of our favorite podcasts – 10 on Tech  from ActualTech Media – recently focused on a discussion with James Green and myself on some of the challenges with moving large scale operations to the cloud. Check out this podcast here!

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Posted in Technobabble by Klee from @kleegeek on 24 August 2016

Resolve Microsoft SQL Server Error Code 824

Since data consistency is a crucial aspect for every user, the server has in-built mechanism which helps to maintain the data consistency at every step. Sometimes, the user may face SQL Server Error 824 while making any SQL query or data modification. It is mainly inconsistency based error that reports… Read more

Everki Versa Long Term Review

A couple years I was looking for a new laptop bag. I settled on the Everki Versa, which I’ve been using on my travels for 2015/2016. It’s been quite a few, which you can see on my speaking CV.

I decided to write a long term review… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 23 August 2016

SSMS - Connection Color with SQL Prompt & SSMSBoost

If you haven't explored the visual color coding of tabs based on pattern matches with SQL Prompt, I'd suggest you check this out.

Earlier iterations of Red Gate's SQL Prompt did not change tab color immediately when the connection was changed.

Red Gate's tab color could get out of sync… Read more

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Posted in SQL Barbarian on 23 August 2016

Power BI NFL Fantasy Football 2016 Reports

If you have followed my blog for the past year or so you may remember when I posted a Power BI workbook I created to analyze the previous season’s NFL player stats to help me with my fantasy football draft. I know, its nerdy, but I like Power BI and… Read more

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Posted in SQL with Dustin Ryan on 23 August 2016

Ten Essential Traits for DBA Success

There is greatness within you whether you believe it or not. Over the years there are certain skills that have helped me along the way that, in turn, may help you along your journey. These traits are by no means written in stone and some will not agree that these…
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Posted in The SQL Professor on 23 August 2016

How I Got Here: Microsoft

Here we are, 7 years working with SQL Server and Microsoft BI tools. Sure in the grand scheme of things that’s not a long time but when you consider that all of those years have been in consulting it’s more experience than many people will get in an entire career. Read more

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Posted in Bradley Schacht on 23 August 2016

Data Science & Workshop - NYC

So, the new industry buzz word is Data Science. Are you a Data Scientist?  Do you remember taking that in college? Maybe have a DS (Data Science) Degree? Did you cringe at chemistry? Bomb physics? Snore at geology? Well now you too may already be a "DATA SCIENTIST.  Sounds really cool:… Read more

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Posted in Pearl Knows on 23 August 2016

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