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New blog site for my posts

I have a new site for my blog posts:
This site will remain active for its archives, but comments will be closed.
I've found the Wordpress package a better tool for my work. Thanks for being a regular here.


New blog coming soon

Update: new blog has been started here: www.ianchadwick.com/blog.

I've been tinkering with Wordpress as a new blog platform for the past week, trying out its features and layout options. very nice. Flexible, powerful and a lot more social media strength than my current package. I have watched...


Idiot lights on the highway

Drove to Thornbury and back last night: a beautiful, clear fall night, dry and cool. A lot of traffic was on the road along Highway 26, many of them with their idiot lights* angrily blazing at oncoming traffic.

For those who might not be familiar with the changing nature of North American slang, or perhaps...


What's wrong with Collingsaga?

This week, Collingwood Council unanimously approved the name "Beachwood" for a section of Highway 26 that runs through our town. The Ministry of Transport asked Collingwood and Wasaga Beach to come up with a name for the old highway that is being paralleled by the "realignment" currently under...


Latest blog for Huff Post

I'm blogging sporadically for the Huffington Post these days. So far all about municipal issues. Roughly once a week. Here's my latest effort:
You can link from there to my previous posts as...


Human rights gone awry

A lot of news stories I read while in England used the term "human rights" to describe some failure of the powers to be to come to terms with the demands of the disputants - or their perceived "rights." But most of the stories weren't about human rights at all, but rather about personal choices, lifestyles and fashion....


Back from England

Spent the past two weeks in and around London, England, on my first vacation to that country. Visited a lot of fascinating places, mostly historical, others more contemporary: museums, historic homes and castles, great parks. And a few pubs.

First impression: Britons have manners. Everyone still says please and thanks. Even people leaving the...


Jesse James, myth-making and pop culture

In the 2007 movie, The Assassination of Jesse James, we get to see a nascent American pop culture in a collision between its pop star (James) and a displaced fan (Ford), in an episode eerily similar to the fatal collision of John Lennon and Mark David Chapman. The difference, aside from the century between events, is that, for a while anyway, Ford...


Election Raises Concerns for Ontario's Municipalities

Two questions about the aftermath of the upcoming provincial election are on the minds of councillors in most of Ontario’s municipalities: will there be downloading? And will there be another round of infrastructure funding?

Downloading provincial services onto municipalities was done under Conservative Premier Mike Harris in the late...


Rising municipal insurance costs a concern

AMO - the Association of Municipalities of Ontario - just released the results of a comprehensive survey of municipal insurance costs across Ontario. Just like your personal insurance, the costs keep escalating, and it's you, the taxpayers, who pay these spiralling premiums. You're getting hit by a double whammy: home and town insurance.



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