Westminster Seminary California
A Pastor’s Reflections: Fallen Heroes

I can remember walking through an airport as a small crowd gathered around a TV to watch Lance Armstrong win his seventh Tour de France. I was impressed with Armstrong’s performance and even inspired to work harder in my own endeavors.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Sympathy and Action

As a pastor, I remember looking out from the pulpit and casting fond looks upon my wife and infant son. From time to time, however, I noticed that my wife and son were absent.

A Pastor’s Reflections: How To Prepare for a PhD

Last month I wrote a post about one of the most frequent questions I get, “Where should I get my PhD?” I didn’t answer that question directly but rather addressed the more fundamental issue of whether someone should get a PhD.

A Pastor’s Reflections: What I See and Hear From the Pulpit

It may surprise some people, but preachers see a lot of things from the pulpit. I suspect many people hope that their pastor is too engrossed in preaching and referring to his notes so that he doesn’t notice what goes on in the sanctuary.

A Pastor’s Reflections: What I Do In the Pulpit

I don’t know about other pastors, but I have a number of habits and things that I do when I’m in the pulpit. I’m not talking about preaching, as every pastor preaches from the pulpit. Rather, I’m talking about the little things that people probably never notice. Like what, you ask?