Heatwave: The Petronas gas pipeline in Lawas on fire after the explosion early yesterday morning. Villagers in nearby settlements could feel the heat from the massive fire. Photo: The Star
Sabah-Sarawak gas pipeline explodes
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MIRI, Jun 11, 2014: A fiery blast ripped apart a section of the Sabah-Sarawak interstate gas pipeline located in between Lawas town and Long Sukang in the northernmost district of Sarawak, resulting in the temporary shutdown of the RM4bil project owned by national oil giant Petronas. The explosion at about 2am shattered the early morning […]

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A protester flashes three fingers representing liberty, brotherhood and equality — similar to the revoluntaries’ salute in ‘The Hunger Games’ — during an anti-coup demonstration at a Bangkok, Thailand, shopping center Sunday. Photo: Wason Wanichakorn/AP
‘Hunger Games’ salute becomes symbol of Thai resistance
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THAILAND, Jun 3, 2014: Opponents of Thailand’s military coup are risking arrest by flashing the three-finger salute from the “Hunger Games” movies to defy a junta that has banned all public protests. The gesture has become the unofficial symbol of resistance against a military regime that has suspended democracy and severely curtailed freedom of expression. […]

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Turkey Coal Mine Explosion Kills 166, Hundreds Trapped
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ISTANBUL, May 13, 2014: A coal-mine blast in Western Turkey killed at least 166 workers on Tuesday in the nation’s worst mining catastrophe in more than two decades, sparking a massive effort to rescue hundreds of miners still trapped underground and facing the risk of gas poisoning. The midafternoon explosion at Soma Komur Isletmeleri AS’s […]

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Samsung Z
Samsung breaks from Android with its first ever Tizen phone
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Jun 3, 2014: Samsung has been teasing a Tizen-based prototype phones for quite awhile now, but it has finally launched an honest-to-God retail device: the Samsung Z. It’s Samsung’s attempt at a homegrown non-Android OS (first featured on its Galaxy Gear smartwatch), though it developed Tizen jointly with Intel. The Samsung Z will feature a […]

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