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How to track email campaign in Google Analytics

Google analytics campaign

When you start sending email campaigns, what kind of result do you run for? Do you want to monitor who receives and reads your message… or want to track clicks, sales, and conversions generated by newsletter? There are lots of metrics to choose from. We want to tell you the easy way of email tracking step by step using Google Analytics, the most popular service for monitoring and tracking email campaigns.

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Mass mailing campaign for Banking


Mobile marketing in banks & finance has its peculiarities. Multichannel messaging has become one of the most popular communication methods with clients in the financial and banking sectors. Let’s see how multichannel mailings help improve the customer experience with banking products. Why using mails for marketing in banks The answer is simple as it is. […]

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Mass mailing campaign for Schools and Education


44.8% is an average Open Rate for email newsletters in the education sector, according to Benchmark. If these numbers don’t tell you anything, let’s say that e-mail allows for intense communication between educational resources and their students. With its help, you will be able to retain the users, offer them new programs, analyze their results, […]

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How to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted

How to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted

One of the main reasons why it is so hard for email marketers to avoid their campaigns being blacklisted is that filters toughen the requirements for filtering SPAM. That is why you can see the low open rates in your email campaign statistics – some newsletters were flagged by spam filters.
Here we are going to tell you some tips how to send bulk emails without spamming.

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Cold Email Outreach or Spam. Where is the line?


To draw the line between the cold mails & spam messages, everyone should distinguish the difference between the cold mail outreach and all the rest of possible cases that may be referred as spam. Let’s do it! Cold outreach rules Cold emails are those messages that are sent to the recipient without previously contacting or […]

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How to collect mobile numbers for SMS Marketing in a legal way

Mass SMS

SMS open rate is 98% compared to only 20% of emails. DSIM says that SMS marketing gives 7 times higher effect than email listing.
Our 18 years background in mass SMS texting says that this is one of the best ways to increase sales. To reach out to the audience, you should obtain a list of their phone numbers. But watch out! Some methods can even lead to a judicial proceeding.
In this article, we will tell you how to collect client phone numbers for text marketing in a legal way and what GDPR says about it.

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Atomic Mail Verifier Online vs. Atomic Mail Verifier: Who is Who?


A clean email database is the key to successful email marketing. If you send emails to invalid addresses, your mailings are badly affected. That’s why such programs & solutions like Atomic Mail Verifier Online & Atomic Mail Verifier have become popular. What’s the difference between these two? Atomic Mail Verifier vs. Mail Verifier Online So, […]