Nifty Eats Where It's Hip to Be Fit... Food, Fitness, Fun Sat, 29 Aug 2009 02:00:05 +0000 en hourly 1 Flat Out Goodness Sat, 29 Aug 2009 01:05:13 +0000 Nicci I jumped on the bandwagon this evening and put together a quick flat out pizza, before I go out tonight!  I mainly just snacked all afternoon on a granola bar, apples and blueberries. I know that’s not a lot but I did eat a nasty piece of fish. Coworker and I thought we’d try something different and eat at a bar. Usually the food is great, but Fish N’ Chips was not on the list of good eats today :(

Introducing…. Flat Out of Goodness

nicoles pics 651

  • marinara sauce
  • spinach
  • turkey
  • black beans
  • feta
  • apples
  • nicoles pics 652

    Would you rather have a homemade, restaurant or store bought pizza?

    This was great, too bad Chris was not home to gobble it up with me! I loved the sweetness from the apple mixed with the feta and spinach.   Now it’s time to drive to Dallas for some fun and hang out with one of my besties!

    Good Night!

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    Slow cookin Fri, 28 Aug 2009 19:22:06 +0000 Nicci boymeetsworld

    It’s T.G.I.F…Do you’ll remember watching Boy Meets World, Mr. Cooper, Family Matters? I loved watching those shows every Friday.

    I was very happy to come home last night and just warm up a plate of food.  I had slow cooked some lightly seasoned chicken breasts and carrots.  It was a great no frill dinner with green beans and black beans! Crock Pots are my new bffs when it comes to cooking!

    nicoles pics 648

    Season your chicken breasts with a little S&P and  poultry seasoning.  Then add once cup of water and cut up veggies of your choice.  Turn the crock pot on low put your meat then veggies in; cook overnight for 8 hours and wake up to a yummy smell of dinner.

    nicoles pics 645

    Carrots came out great considering I prefer uncooked ones.

    nicoles pics 643

    Love those black beans & the melted cheese.

    I had been eye balling these boxed brownies Chris had picked up at the grocers, so I baked them after dinner for us.  I’m not a fan of boxed brownies but I knew he was waiting for me to bake them plus they did look good.

    nicoles pics 650

    I had to indulge so this would be it for the week!  I added Oikos Greek, raspberries and naners!  Now, this was a great treat along w/staying up to watch ”Legend of The Seeker”!

    What are are your plans for the weekend?

    I’m going out with friends tonight that I haven’t seen in awhile!

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    Crazy Combo Thu, 27 Aug 2009 15:02:46 +0000 Nicci Good Morning,

    Inspired by last nights dinner and Tina @ Carrots N Cake, I used my leftovers in my smoothie this morning!

    Sweet Potato Smoothie: Somewhat similar to Tina’s Smoothie but with strawberries added.

    nicoles pics 639


    nicoles pics 641

    I was worried I may not like this as much as just a plain sweet potato but it was great!  I probably wouldn’t do this as a breakfast smoothie again, save it for the afternoon or for dessert.

    Speaking of Crazy Combos, last nights dinner consisted of shrimp tossed in Evoo and a little bit of S&P.  I really wanted to cook with the shrimp I had bought earlier this week. 

    So last night I kept thinking I didn’t want any brown rice or whole wheat pasta, what could I make for dinner?  I completely forgot I had sweet Potatoes…duh!  So, I made sweet potatoes for the bf and I with black beans.

    • Sweet potato
    • black beans
    • Sprinkle of cheese
    • Oikos plain Greek yogurt…No, it’s not sour cream…better than sour cream!

    nicoles pics 634


    nicoles pics 636

    This is the best sweet potato I’ve had in a long time!  Chris (the bf) has never had a sweet potato and he loved it.  :)

    nicoles pics 638

    This filled my tummy nicely, this potato was huge!

    What kind of toppings do you like to put on your sweet potatoes or regular potatoes?

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    Happy Hump Day Thu, 27 Aug 2009 01:41:57 +0000 Nicci I can almost see Friday 2 days to go!! We are almost to the weekend, thank goodness.  For lunch I had some linguine with stir fry mixed in.  Leftovers are always yummy the next day around if you store it correctly. I also  had some apple slices and Oikos strawberry.  I just wish the containers were bigger, still getting use to these tiny 40z containers but I do like that they come in a pack of 4.

    • Linguine
    • stir fry veggies

    nicoles pics 628

    Later on my way home I decided to stop at the store.  I really need a snack in between lunch and dinner so I stopped and picked up some Kashi granola bars.  This flavor I hadn’t tried before and even though they were for my desk drawer I had to break one out.  I mean it’s a dark chocolate mocha bar, can we say ”heaven in your mouth”!

    This cured my sweet tooth b/c all I thought about today were cupcakes!  How I really wanted to make some, but I knew that would mean ”disaster” in the end.  Always nice to indulge every now and then but I know how I am with sweets around. (Yes, I ate it in the car on the way home)

    nicoles pics 629”Heaven, I’m in Heaven…

    nicoles pics 630

    Just look at the chips on it, almonds, mocha flavored. smelled like coffee too!! :) I may just eat one with a cup of coffee at work tomorrow. lol

    Whats your snack of choice to crave a sweet tooth?

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