The Spatial Computing Company

Structure Sensor

Pioneering. Powerful. Yet incredibly easy to use. The first 3D sensor for mobile devices is the most capable, with a broad set of applications and uses for anyone from developers to doctors. Along with Structure SDK, Structure Sensor adds 3D scanning, large-scale reconstruction and augmented reality capabilities to your existing devices.

Structure Core

Structure Core was built for AR/VR SLAM, robot vision, and other applications where depth performance matters. Structure Core can work with Structure SDK, which fuses depth, color, and IMU data to enable powerful features like 3D scanning, large-scale SLAM and now includes Bridge Engine for groundbreaking mixed reality.


Bridge is a mixed reality HMD for the iPhone, powered by Bridge Engine. Bridge allows for 6-dof tracking, real world physics interactions, shadows and occlusions - all on an iPhone.

Bridge Engine

Building upon Structure SDK's comprehensive set of world-aware APIs, Bridge Engine offers groundbreaking mixed reality capabilities in a simple to deploy software engine. Compatible with both Structure Sensor and Structure Core, for an entire hardware and software stack for compelling mixed reality experiences.


Meet the new power tool for home improvement. Canvas creates a scale-accurate 3D model of a home in minutes - all on an iPad. You can measure, review, or share your model instantly, or convert it into simplified CAD format for programs like SketchUp, AutoCAD, or Revit.