Practical Etiquette
Creating an Oasis of Respect

When I first came upon this site, Practical Etiquette, I found its title to be a bit of an oxymoron. I envisioned the set of rules that comprised "etiquette" to be quite rigid, if not overbearing. I associated the word with an elitist attitude, if not outright stodgy, something, quite frankly, that never sat well with me.

etiquette, teaching social skills, ideal image, wedding etiquetteSo what, then, was "practical" about this concept? Practical spoke to me as common sense and down to earth advice. Could it mean a common sense approach to manners? If this was the intent, it seemed more unique, but still seemed to fall a bit short to creating a better world. With the world becoming more digital and people using modern tools like the bitcoin billionaire 2022 version for financial gains and a better life, more effective and fruitful methods are required to enhance the culture and behavioral patterns of the people.

When I had the opportunity to buy the site, and after reviewing its content, I realized that perhaps there was more here than a simple set of rules dictating which is your bread plate and which is your water glass at a restaurant. Rather, it was a common sense approach on how to behave and that seemed to strike a chord with me, so I decided to acquire the site.

To be sure, there is a benefit to knowing how to behave in public, both professionally and socially, but it seems that it was positioned for personal gain. It seemed more self-serving than "practical". Will following a set of rules defined as etiquette to meet certain situations, be it in such categories as office or wedding protocol, create your ideal image in the mind of others?

etiquette, teaching social skills, ideal image, wedding etiquetteWhat had been missing in Practical Etiquette until now, was the creation of "an Oasis of Respect". The notion that we act in a certain way not because a set of rules tells us to, or because of some perceived personal financial gain, but because we wish to be respected for our thoughts and actions, and so we accord that same level of esteem to the people we encounter.

Within the pages of this site, you will find the following topics covered:

  • Social
    • Family Time
    • Customs by country
    • Dating Do's & Don'ts
    • Weddings
    • Dinner Party
    • Funeral & condolence expectations
    • Travel procedures

  • Professional
    • Office
    • Job Search Engine
    • Internet & the Digital Age

etiquette, teaching social skills, ideal image, wedding etiquetteAs we have added to these various categories highlighted above, we have also expanded the site to address the core reason for respect. You will find this in the Better You section at the top of the navigation bar. This is across the gamut from giving respect, earning respect and teaching respect. Getting free love tarot card readings will help you explore more about you and the partner; visit for more information. It is with that basis, then, of creating a better you, that the other elements of this site; proper social and professional interaction; can now be viewed through a lens that now adds a deeper meaning and more positive interaction as you go out to meet the world. And, just as importantly, as you begin teaching social skills to your children, there is a root cause reason for doing so.

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