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Hi all and here's to a great 2024!

Some exciting things in the pipeline - a new residency for the solo set, a brand new original electric band (The Ken) and looking forward to developing the folky 3-piece Leaky Boat alongside all your favourite singalongs and requests from the mighty Pudenskis. 

Looks like I'm going to be busy and hope to see you all along the way! Cheers!


Hi all...Xmas is upon us and so we've dusted off all the festive favourites for upcoming shows. With a hats and a red T shirt I copped some stick on Saturday for my apparent resemblance to a Mr S Claus. Whos stupid idea was it to have a beard at this time of the year?!

Also busy with my new band The Ken...made a recording and a video is underway this week. Check it out soon!

All the best and...Happy Xmas!

Hi all...the weather's kicking in and there is news from Pudenski Towers.

More gigs are in for the brothers and solo, including new venues. And it's nearly time to dust off all those lovely Xmas songs again!

I'll be leaving the 79 at the end of the year but the new line up will be even more awesome and there are plenty of gigs for this great band in 2024. All the best! I'm starting not one but  two new bands and they both have their first gig on the same night, luckily at the same venue, the awesome Chaplins Cellar Bar in Boscombe on Thurs 9 Nov. Support is by the Leaky Boat, which is a piratey and folky three piece with me on bouzouki. The headline is The Ken, an electric 3-piece playing almost all new original numbers. The first recording session is in the pipeline for the end of this month, so hopefully you'll all be able to hear it soon. Feedback welcome!

Anyway, stay safe and dry and see your happy faces soon! Martin

Hi all ... it's been mental here at Pudenski Towers but we have had an excellent summer and made hundreds of new friends. Things are settling down slightly but we're still busy. Lots of private events, which we love, but if you need a micropub fix don't forget you can see us at the Wight Bear every Tuesday and All Hail Ale every other Thursday. Cheers!

HI all - July has been good to us so far. Wight Bear is always absolutely epic and All Hail has been full of international beer-fuelled fun as well! Private parties ahoy and our trip to Cornwall was amazing although it involved 9 hours of sparkling banter in my car ... sorry Craig! Keep smiling and see you all soon...

Hi all

Time moves so fast...I've just updated the gig diary and it took ages as there are plenty of bookings coming in, stretching up until winter 2024! We're having a 3-week break from the Wight Bear so see you in there every Tuesday from 4 July - otherwise keep an eye on this or facebook to catch us somewhere near where you live!

All the best and enjoy the sun...

Hi all

Brrr! Early Jan is always quiet and we've had a relative breather. But the gigs are kicking in now and we're looking forward to getting busy again. In the meantime I have a new solo album, so check it out BANDCAMP as well as cracking on with the 79, Pudenski Bros and the occasional solo performance. Stay warm and it'll soon be spring...Cheers!

Hi all

Time to dust off all the Xmas favourites again! A busy December looming so we're hoping to see some of your lovely friendly faces while we are around and about.

All the best!

Hi all...the seasons are changing but we crack on with the music and the occasional dad joke! Gigs are updated and 2023 has a few in already. So if you would like to book the best 2 piece band around these parts, get in touch asap!

Hope you're all enjoying the heatwave! We've been lucky enough to have some stunning outdoor gigs lately as well as the regular lovely venues. Things are moving ahead re other projects as well and you may even be able to get Pudenski Bros T shirts soon!

Hi all

Summer's here and bookings are flying in from all angles! Young Craig's on holiday this week so I've done a couple of solo gigs, which is different...recording is underway with my solo material and the 79 originals and all is well with the world!