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Hi all

Brrr! Early Jan is always quiet and we've had a relative breather. But the gigs are kicking in now and we're looking forward to getting busy again. In the meantime I have a new solo album, so check it out BANDCAMP as well as cracking on with the 79, Pudenski Bros and the occasional solo performance. Stay warm and it'll soon be spring...Cheers!

Hi all

Time to dust off all the Xmas favourites again! A busy December looming so we're hoping to see some of your lovely friendly faces while we are around and about.

All the best!

Hi all...the seasons are changing but we crack on with the music and the occasional dad joke! Gigs are updated and 2023 has a few in already. So if you would like to book the best 2 piece band around these parts, get in touch asap!

Hope you're all enjoying the heatwave! We've been lucky enough to have some stunning outdoor gigs lately as well as the regular lovely venues. Things are moving ahead re other projects as well and you may even be able to get Pudenski Bros T shirts soon!

Hi all

Summer's here and bookings are flying in from all angles! Young Craig's on holiday this week so I've done a couple of solo gigs, which is different...recording is underway with my solo material and the 79 originals and all is well with the world!

Hi all - exciting times here at Pudenski Towers. I'm away for a week but after that we'll be spreading the joy again. We have some more gigs, some recording with the 79 and even an original solo session on the 15th of this month.

We are nearly at the end of the endless month of Jan (!) and there are some more chances to catch us live now. We are now back at the Wight Bear every Tuesday evening, having started with a bang for Burns Night. We normally have support from 7 and we start around 7:45. Keep an eye on the diary and I'll try my best to keep it up to date!

This Week Not Going To Plan

It hasn't exactly gone to plan this week with both me and Craig having positive tests - obviously, this means inevitable cancellations. In all my years of gigging, I have never cancelled a gig but Covid times are different! Gutted for the foreign students, the Wight Bear, Mokobo, Nelson and my mate's 50th party which are this week's casualties.