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SQL Power Doc to Discover, Diagnose and Document SQL Server

This article will provide an overview of SQL Power Doc, a powerful script to document SQL Server, including pre-requisites, purpose, installation, processing and output. Automation seems to be an increasing need in IT industry. At present, PowerShell leads the game in … Continue reading

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Posted in PowerSQL By Prashanth Jayaram on 22 January 2019

Critiquing Grant Fritchey: Circa 2008

For several years, I ran a regular feature on this blog, Speaker of the Month. I attend a lot of events, so I have the opportunity to hear a lot of people talk about various topics. I decided, as an attempt to help out, to call out individuals that I… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 22 January 2019

Starting a Proof of Concept with SQL Change Automation

One of the ways that you can more easily perform database development tasks is with SQL Change Automation (SCA). This is a plug-in from Redgate that works with Visual Studio, and while there are tutorials on Setting up SCA and starting in VS, I wanted to add my own… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 22 January 2019

Memory Grants part 5: Query hints

Proceed with caution, if you’re thinking of using query hints. This post will specifically cover min_grant_percent and max_grant_percent.

My opinion on query hints is that you’re often better off tuning the query, than using a query hint. Especially if you have time to consider using a query hint, you should… Read more

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Posted in Arthur's Blog on 22 January 2019

Optimizing for Ad Hoc Workloads

Watch this week’s episode on YouTube.

The execution plan cache is a great feature: after SQL Server goes through the effort of generating a query plan, SQL Servers saves that plan in the plan cache to be reused again at a later date.

One downside to SQL Server caching almost… Read more

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Posted in Bert Wagner on 22 January 2019

Leveling Up Your TSQL

I thought I’d use this post to round up some of my other posts into a list of often overlooked/unknown TSQL features/behaviors that can be really powerful in the right situations. I may even try to keep it up to date going forwards…

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Posted in Gavin Draper's SQL Server Blog on 22 January 2019

One Long Week

It started on Saturday. I usually have lunch with one or both of my daughters on the weekend and this week it was just my oldest, going on 15. I was getting over a cold and while driving she mentioned she had some chest pain. Startled me a little, she… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 21 January 2019

Call for Speakers – SQLSaturday Jacksonville 2019

SQLSaturday Jacksonville 2019 is scheduled for May 4, 2019. The call for speakers closes on March 5.

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Posted in SQLAndy on 21 January 2019

Call for Speakers – SQLSaturday Tampa 2019

SQLSaturday Tampa just went live and the call for speakers is open through February 23, 2019. I’ll be attending, hope to see you there!

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Posted in SQLAndy on 21 January 2019

CLR Strict Security in SQL 2017

Locking down CLR

I recently ran into SQL 2017’s new CLR Strict Security. I was working with a client where we were optimizing some queries. One of the queries had a dynamically coded IN clause. In this case, I like to use a string splitting routine to split the IN… Read more

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Posted in A Discussion of SQL Server-Related Topics on 21 January 2019

Get Your Learn On

There is one truth that I can say about technology with an absolute certainty: It’s going to change. Get your learn on! Technology is going to be shifting under your feet, constantly. Even if all you ever do is work with SQL Server, on premises, on hardware, without VMs, containers,… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 21 January 2019

MSSQLTips.com Rookie of the year 2018

You need a lot of hard work for success!
2018 was a good year for me in a lot of areas of my life both personal and professional (the birth of my daughter, my MCSE certification and another MCSA as well, the start of the local PASS Local group, the…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 21 January 2019

Easy Permissions Audit

Something I have written about more than a handful of times is the need to audit. When people think about audits, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely the IRS and taxes. More than taxes are audit-able. Despite that tendency to first think taxes when somebody says… Read more

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Posted in SQL RNNR on 21 January 2019

Read-only tables

Sometimes you need a table that is read only. You don’t want anyone to be able to write to it for various reasons. It might be historical data that shouldn’t/can’t be changed, it might be lookup information that shouldn’t be changed, etc. There are a couple of ways to… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 21 January 2019

Memory Grants part 4: The Resource Semaphore

Part of query memory grants, part 4! This post will cover the wait type RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE briefly, but the focus is on what a semaphore is.

What the wait? Why does my system have RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE waits?

SQL Server only has so much memory to distribute to its queries. To decide who… Read more

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Posted in Arthur's Blog on 21 January 2019

What could you achieve with 60% more time?

Regardless of your job or industry, do you ever have enough hours in the day to get everything done? If not, what’s the answer? Work more hours or work smarter? We prefer the second option. Automating as much as possible reduces the number of decisions and tasks you have to… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 21 January 2019

Move database between drives


SQL server Move user database steps and scripts:

Check you have a free space on the moving drive and make sure the SQL service account has read and write permission. (You can check the account name in configuration manager)

Move TempDB database

--========================= for tempdb

-- note the existing…

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Posted in SQL Server Blog Forum on 21 January 2019

Azure SQL Database – Reduce the workload before initiating another service objective update

Getting straight to the point, I initiated a very common task recently, another scale up request. However, a new message popped up. “The service objective assignment for database on server could not be completed as the database is too busy. … Continue reading

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Posted in All About SQL on 21 January 2019

Last Week Reading (2019-01-20)

Hello folks! Good morning on Monday morning and let’s go through some interesting news from the #data world. Press Using Docker to run Integration Tests for dbachecks This time, my friend Rob (T) presents how to run Unit Tests and Integration tests against multiple versions of SQL Server. All things… Read more

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Posted in SQL Player Blog on 20 January 2019

Using Docker to run Integration Tests for dbachecks

My wonderful friend André Kamman wrote a fantastic blog post this week SQL Server Container Instances via Cloudshell about how he uses containers in Azure to test code against different versions of SQL Server.

It reminded me that I do something very similar to test dbachecks code changes. I thought… Read more

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Posted in SQL DBA With A Beard on 19 January 2019

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