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dbatools for the accidental DBA

dbatools is a very well known tool within the SQL Server community, and probably most of the production DBA’s are using it on daily basis.

But what about that IT guy whom main role is to take care of the company infrastructure not just SQL Server, and because there is… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 18 March 2019

A Week of SQL Server 2019

I’m in Redmond, or Bellevue, or somewhere nearby. Not completely sure where the Microsoft MVP Summit is this week (as I write this). I’ve got travel planned, so I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

In any case, I can’t talk about anything I see this week for now, but I… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 18 March 2019

Hugo’s SQL Server Execution Plan Reference

I’m a big fan of T-SQL Tuesday. Each month there is a host who comes up with a topic, and then anyone who is interested posts on it. February 2019 the host was Andy Leonard (b/t) and the subject was Why do you do what… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 18 March 2019

Disk Space and SQL Server

Disk Space in SQL Server

One of the frequently required job functions of the database administrator is to track disk space consumption. Whether this requirement comes from management or from a learning opportunity after a production outage, the need exists.

As a hard working DBA, you want to make sure… Read more

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Posted in SQL RNNR on 18 March 2019

Writing a presentation 3: Entering the PowerPoint world

This is a series I’m writing as I prepare for SQL Saturday Chicago 2019. My session is called Performance tuning with SQL Server memory grants.

In my last post, I laid out three ideas for the flow

Now it’s time to pick. I’ll move the ideas from post… Read more

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Posted in Arthur's Blog on 18 March 2019

Presenting with VS Code and Running Commands on Remote Hosts

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to use VS Code and Azure Data Studio for presentations where you need to execute local code on remote systems over SSH.

The Challenge

When using tools like VS Code and PowerShell ISE these tools give you the ability to… Read more

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Posted in Anthony Nocentino's Blog on 17 March 2019

Kernel Migrator for SQL Server – Expert Product Review

Ease of use, accuracy, integrity, efficiency, and security are some characteristics which a good software should have, and when we speak of software products that focus on business users, the scale of expectations increases. Therefore, there remains no room for … Continue reading

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Posted in PowerSQL By Prashanth Jayaram on 17 March 2019

Last Week Reading (2019-03-17)

Hi there! I’m in Bellevue, WA today when finishing this post. My first MVP Summit and the second trip to the US ever. A very exciting week is coming for me and I wish the same for you. Press SSIS Catalog Dashboard Tim Mitchell (T) has shared the code on… Read more

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Posted in SQL Player Blog on 17 March 2019

Certification on Orchestrating Big Data with Azure Data Factory

I took a break from blogging this week to finish the course for and get certified with Orchestrating Big Data with Azure Data Factory on edX. This is a verified certificate of achievement.

The topics covered include but not limited to:

  • Creating data workflows with Azure Data Factory
  • Scheduling data…

Read more

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Posted in Marlon Ribunal - SQL, Code, Coffee, etc. on 16 March 2019

Checking Open Ports in Azure

Let’s be honest here, data security is really important to me.  Some people probably think that I go to extremes to ensure that my data as well as my customers data is secured.  With that, sometime ago, I wrote a blog post on utilizing a VPN server that I built… Read more

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Posted in John Morehouse | Sqlrus.com on 15 March 2019

Deploying a stand-alone SQL Server Instance into a Kubernetes Cluster

(Be sure to checkout the FREE SQLpassion Performance Tuning Training Plan - you get a weekly email packed with all the essential knowledge you need to know about performance tuning on SQL Server.)

In my last 2 blog postings I have talked about how to deploy a SQL Server Availability… Read more

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Posted in Klaus Aschenbrenner on 14 March 2019

Azure Data Explorer

Azure Data Explorer (ADX) was announced as generally available on Feb 7th.  In short, ADX is a fully managed data analytics service for near real-time analysis on large volumes of data streaming (i.e. log and telemetry data) from such sources as applications, websites, or IoT devices.  ADX makes it simple… Read more

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Posted in James Serra's Blog on 14 March 2019

Export AdventureWorksDW2017 to Excel for a Power BI Demo with Export-Excel

Have you ever wanted to export an entire SQL Server database to Excel file?  Yeah, me neither.  Until yesterday, when I was trying to build a Power BI demo with sample data (that needed to come from files, not a db) I have never even considered doing such a thing. Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 14 March 2019

Querying temp tables across a linked server.

And if you are still reading you probably fit into one of the following categories.

  • Not a DBA
  • A relatively new DBA
  • Like to know how things work even if you know you should never do this

Everyone else left because .. well .. trying to query a temp… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 14 March 2019

SQL Server – max server memory

Another re-post of a video from last year, this time showing you an in-built protection of setting max server memory for your SQL Server. You can clearly see that if you enter a silly figure such as 50 MB, the … Continue reading

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Posted in All About SQL on 14 March 2019

#ITechDay in Warsaw

We were enjoying Thursday on conference in Warsaw. We have arrived pretty lately but easily saw the awesome atmosphere there. We have seen a lot of very young and also, a lot of older people! That’s so good that everyone can be interested in technology. There were over 650 people… Read more

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Posted in Coding Family on 13 March 2019

Achieving SQL Server HA/DR with a mix of Always On Availability Groups and SANless SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances


The topic of mixing SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances (FCI) with Always On Availability Groups (AG) is pretty well documented. However, most of the available documentation documents configurations that assume the SQL Server FCI portion of the solution utilizes shared storage. What if I want to build a… Read more

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Posted in Clustering for Mere Mortals on 13 March 2019

Does SQL Server 2019 run on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?

Yes. Here’s the proof from an output of SELECT @@VERSION: [crayon-5c8faf4e2323f122781055/] Here’s a screenshot of me running mssql-cli on the Ubuntu Server virtual machine in question. SQL Server 2019 (CTP 2.3) is running on 18.04.2 LTS. Is it supported by Microsoft? Not right now. The official documentation still requires Ubuntu… Read more

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Posted in Born SQL with Randolph West on 13 March 2019

Database Development Gone Wrong

I recently shared a story about how I was personally responsible for a development project going off the rails (and oh boy, did it go off the rails). It’s a very painful story to share since I was the principal bad guy. However, I learned a lot of lessons from… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 13 March 2019

Telegraf Setup FAQ for Troubleshooting

I often get emails asking the same time of questions about the setup of Telegraf for SQL Server and Windows while people are trying to set it up.  Hopefully, this blog post will help answer most people’s questions and help them troubleshoot the setup.

First, if you have a problem… Read more

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Posted in Database Superhero’s Blog on 13 March 2019

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