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The Desktop Rebuild–Part 3

This is the last part of this series, at least for now. If you haven’t seen Part 1 and Part 2, feel free to check them out.

After I got through Part 2, I was working again. In fact, I continued to chocotaley install a few things, but for… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 29 June 2016

Better Explorer on High dpi Displays

I’ve got a high dpi display on my laptop. The recommended resolution is 2560×1704. That’s small. I have had all kinds of issues with SSMS, VS, and various other applications, including a few from Redgate.

The other day I was looking at the Explorer window from about 2 feet away… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 29 June 2016

Hearing Responsibility - Syndication – WaterOx Consulting

A while ago I was watching Shark Tank on TV and at one point Robert Herjavich (T|B) made the great quote above. When I heard that statement I stopped the show immediately. I went back (Thank you whoever made rewindable TV possible!) and listened to it again to make sure…

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Posted in WaterOx SQL on 29 June 2016

Finding, disabling and enabling foreign keys

Foreign keys are a classic method of enforcing RI (Referential Integrity). Unfortunately though, they can get in the way if you have to reload data in a table. Lets say developers would like you to overwrite the data from several tables in the test environment with data from the… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 29 June 2016

Uninstalling SQL Server from the Command Line to Remove Unwanted Background Instances

I had a note (or ‘action item’) to make sure that people were informed regarding the ‘uninstall’ of SQL Server, since non-DBA server administrators would like to know more detail on this.  The process is not obvious from Control Panels’ Programs and Features (long list of components), so…

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Posted in The Database Hive for SQL Server DBAs on 29 June 2016

Introducing SQL Server Reporting Services

In an earlier post I introduced the SQL Server umbrella and briefly discussed a number of products that make up the SQL Server stack. One of those products and a key element of the SQL Server family is SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). SQL Server Reporting Services is Microsoft’s enterprise…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 29 June 2016

Automatic Seeding Very Large Databases in SQL Server 2016

There are a lot of new features in SQL Server 2016. Availability Groups by itself got a lot of new features.  Being that I am the founder of the High Availability and Disaster Recovery Virtual Chapter, I plan on blogging about the new availability group features.

Today, I wanted… Read more

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Posted in John Sterrett on 29 June 2016

Speaking at PASS Summit 2016

I’m very honored to be speaking at the PASS Global Summit again this year in Seattle during the week of October 24th. I cannot convey just how much this means to me, as speaking at any event is a gift and a thrill, especially a conference like the PASS… Read more

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Posted in Technobabble by Klee from @kleegeek on 29 June 2016

Does my database have data type drift?

Over the years I have come to see that every database has what I call data type drift. Simply put, data type drift is when you have columns with the same name but different data types or length. I’d say about 97% of databases I’ve reviewed have some form of… Read more

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Posted in Confessions of a Microsoft Addict on 28 June 2016

Better ReadyRoll Script Naming

One of the things that I like about ReadyRoll is that the product will automatically build new scripts that are named in a sequential order. This usually results in a few scripts that look like this:

As you can see, these scripts aren’t very intuitive. In fact, if you get… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 28 June 2016

CASE Statement in GROUP BY

Set based operations means you should put everything into a single statement, right?

Well, not really. People seem to think that having two queries is really bad, so when faced with logical gaps, they just cram them into the query they have. This is partly because SQL Server and T-SQL… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 28 June 2016

Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 05 – KPI Indicator)

In this module you will learn how to use the KPI Indicator (This is kind of like saying “ATM Machine” isn’t it?), a Power BI Custom Visual. Power BI comes standard with a KPI visual but the custom visual we will cover in this post shows a few more options… Read more

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Posted in Devin Knight on 28 June 2016

Slidedeck ITPROceed – Power BI Status Update

I uploaded my slidedeck from the ITPROceed event to For the abstract, see the blog post Speaking about Power BI @ ITPROceed 2016.

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 28 June 2016

BREXIT…IT professionals need a plan… much like the UK government

The events that have unfolded over the last few days since the shock result that the BRExit referendum delivered, has, quite rightly caused a huge amount of press coverage in the UK. The remain camp are very upset and angry at the result, mainly because they can see possible negative…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 28 June 2016

The Desktop Rebuild–Part 2

You can read part 1, but that’s more about the (initial) hardware changes. This one looks at getting moving on the new desktop. Note, that since I changed the MB/CPU/Boot disk, I decided to reinstall Windows as well on a new disk to ensure I wouldn’t have more issues. Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 27 June 2016

Monday Morning SQL Break – June 27, 2016

The best way to make the most of the week is to set your goals.  One of the things I try to do every week is to identify three goals for each week.  What three things do I want to accomplish that will move my workload further down the road.… Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 27 June 2016

Debuting Talks at the Summit

This is a series of posts on the PASS Summit and SQL Saturdays. I’m outlining some thoughts here, sometimes for the first time, but on topics that I think make better events. These are opinions and thoughts, not mandates or demands. I’ve written previously on choosing speakers.

One of the… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 27 June 2016

Announcing Workshop for SQLSaturday Porto 2016

I am glad to share that finally today we have announced that a workshop for Sysadmins, DBAs & DevOps Engineers – called SQL Server Professional Configuration & Optimisation Workshop will be delivered by my friend André Batista & myself on…

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Posted in Niko's blog on 27 June 2016

Perfectly Placed Parentheses

Like many other programming languages T-SQL uses parentheses () for a number of tasks. To help determine precedence, function calls etc. Now it’s nothing like LISP but with enough in one statement it can still get confusing at times.

The last page of any Lisp program

Here is a fairly… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 27 June 2016

Retrieving the SQL Server License Key

Strangely enough its been a long time since I installed SQL in production. It’s almost always done by someone on the server team and that’s fine with me, clicking the wizard (or running the install script) isn’t the interesting part. Today though, I needed to add a named instance (also… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 27 June 2016

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