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Microsoft Azure – How to get details about azure locations using PowerShell

Hello friends, when we create any virtual machine using management portal we need to select the location for cloud service and azure portal shows us list of available locations. We just select the location we want and move further to next steps. We can also do this same using PowerShell…

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Posted in Kapil Blogs on 23 August 2017

Docker images for custom SQL Server Installations

I no longer install SQL Server on my workstation, I use Docker to spin up instances as and when I need them. This means I don’t have to go through the installation, my machine is cleaner and performance is not reduced by having multiple versions of SQL Server installed.

The… Read more

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Posted in The Database Avenger on 22 August 2017

Runtime Metrics In Execution Plans

Capturing query execution metrics is much easier now that you can see the runtime metrics in execution plans when you’re using SQL Server 2016 SP1 or better in combination with SQL Server Management Studio 2017. When you capture an actual plan (using any method), you get the query execution time… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 22 August 2017

SQL Puzzle 3: Knights and Queens

I thought I’d do another chess puzzle this month. This one is a variant on the Eight Queens problem:

SQL Puzzle 2: Eight Queens


Given the standard 8×8 chessboard, place an equal number of Knights and Queens such that no piece is attacked by another. What’s the maximum number of… Read more

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Posted in Matthew McGiffen DBA on 22 August 2017

SQL Saturday Charlotte (#683)

I am so excited to be helping out with SQL Saturday Charlotte again this year.  This is the 6th year that Charlotte BI Group (CBIG) has put this event on and the 3rd year that I’ve been asked to be part of the organizing team. 

We have a great lineup… Read more

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Posted in SQL Swimmer on 22 August 2017

Using the SSIS Script Component With Multiple Outputs

One of the more common questions I find in SQL Server SSIS forums is how to split apart a single text file into multiple outputs. Files extracted from foreign sources often arrive in nonstandard formats, and are too often unchangeable at the source and must be parsed during the import… Read more

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Posted in Tim Mitchell on 22 August 2017

Adding a New Default to a Column

Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as #SQLNewBloggers. This is also a part of a basic series on git and how to use it.

This is a fairly simple process, but I bet more than a… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 21 August 2017

New Whitepaper – Capture Production Error States

System administrators of the world, if a VM experiences a problem that takes down business-critical application, your job is to get minimize the impact to the business. You are caught in a difficult decision.

Do you repair the VM as quickly as possible, but possibly lose traces of what went… Read more

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Posted in Technobabble by Klee from @kleegeek on 21 August 2017

New eBook with Pure Storage – Overcoming SQL Server Storage Challenges

My company, Heraflux Technologies, is proud to announce a new ebook as part of our joint partnership with Pure Storage! This ebook, entitled Overcoming SQL Server Storage Challenges, discusses the current state of infrastructure technologies and how it interacts and impacts the performance of Microsoft’s flagship database engine… Read more

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Posted in Technobabble by Klee from @kleegeek on 21 August 2017

Deploy an SSIS project to the SSIS catalog.

You’ve installed SSDT, created an SSIS project, created any packages you need and now you want to place that project and its packages onto the SQL instance so you can run them. FYI there are several ways to do this using package or project deployment, I’m just going… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 21 August 2017

Azure Automation and SQL Index Maintenance

Azure does a lot for your SQL Database, from backups to automatic tuning but it still doesn’t have an index maintenance policy straight out of the box via the portal. Some may not care about rebuilding your indexes but it is still something I like to do, the question is,… Read more

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Posted in All About SQL on 21 August 2017

New in SQL Server 2017: Graph Databases

David has recorded and published a video of his presentation on SQL Server Graph Database. In his video which you can watch below, David provides an excellent introduction into SQL Server 2017 Graph Databases. In his presentation he looks at Tennis results at tournaments for  his favourite player "The Fed"…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 21 August 2017

Monday Coffee: Posting error messages

I posted a couple of messages on twitter over the weekend giving any new bloggers advice that was given to me when I was starting out writing and struggling to find topics: –

William Durkin (b|t) then added: –

This is a really really good tip.… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 21 August 2017

Microsoft Azure – How to Check the availability of cloud services using PowerShell

Hello friends, in this blog we will learn how to check whether a cloud service is available to use with virtual machine or not. Cloud service is basically how to access virtual machine using virtual IP address (VIP). Cloud services can contain multiple virtual machine by creating cloud service first…

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Posted in Kapil Blogs on 21 August 2017

Database Issue: The transaction log for database ‘db_name’ is full due to ‘ACTIVE_BACKUP_OR_RESTORE’.

Today, I was called in the early hours because the transaction log of one of the SQL Server 2016 database was full. I logged onto the SQL server instance via SQL Server Management Studio, and saw the following errors in the SQL Server error log:

The transaction log for database…

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 20 August 2017

Query Store functionality in earlier versions of SQL Server

One of the best features introduced in SQL Server 2016 was the Query Store. Having the ability to see which queries had regressed (gotten bad plans) over a period of time was pretty much a game changer imho. But many of us are still labouring away on earlier versions… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 19 August 2017

Power BI FAQ Chat Bot 9000 lives!

So I’ve been working on a fun little project over the past couple weeks. A lot of my customers have questions related to Power BI and I spend a lot of my time answering those questions. So I said to myself, “Self, why don’t you build a chat bot that… Read more

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Posted in SQL with Dustin Ryan on 18 August 2017

Fixing You’ll need a new app to open this ms-word

It should come as no surprise that we rely heavily on SharePoint for sharing documents at Microsoft. For the most part it is a great solution with few issues. We can subscribe to documents and libraries and get updates when items are modified or added then go view those documents… Read more

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Posted in Bradley Schacht on 18 August 2017

Using Time Zones in SQL Server

The usage of time zones in applications becomes inevitable, especially with the globalization of the applications. Reports need to be run in different time zones. Services have to consider the time zones. Applications’ users nowadays, which are around the globe use their local zones and etc.

The programming on database… Read more

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Posted in Si vis pacem, para sql on 18 August 2017

Friday Reading 2017-08-18

Cool week, I’ve been selected to present at SQL Saturday Holland & SQL Saturday Denmark this year. September and October are going to be busy months!

Anyway, this week I’ve been reading…

Open Query Store v1.1 has landed!
v1.1 of the very cool project to enable Query Store functionality in… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 18 August 2017

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