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Tox: A Distributed And Secure P2P Instant Messaging Application (FOSS Skype Alternative)


As the Internet continues its rapid expansion and evolution, privacy is becoming a serious concern for a lot of users, especially with the rise of social networks and services, and that is where Tox comes into play.

Easily Record Your Screen With SimpleScreenRecorder


While I prefer recording my screen using an FFmpeg script, a lot of Linux users continue to seek GUI solutions. If you are one of those users, then read on!

Boost Your Command-Line Experience With These Bash Keyboard Shortcuts


If you use the terminal a lot, then you probably know that correcting misspelled commands can become a tedious task, especially if you are dealing with complex and long commands. A common example is forgetting to add sudo at the beginning of a long command which forces you to use your keyboard or mouse in order to correct the command.

Fortunately, Bash  (i.e. the default shell in many Linux distributions) comes with some useful keyboard shortcuts that allow you to easily edit your commands on the fly.

How To Make VLC Remember The Position Of The Last Played Video [How To]


If you own an Android device (e.g. tablet), chances are that you are familiar with the auto-remember feature that comes enabled by default in many popular video players including MX player. This feature allows you to automatically remember the position of the last played video, so that you don't have to guess where you stopped your last video playback each time you reopen your video file.

A Review Of Rhythmbox, The Default Music Player Of Ubuntu [Guest Post]


Rhythmbox is an integrated music management application set in MP3/OGG primary format designed to operate for GNU/Linux, Solaris, BSD, Unix-like and the GNOME desktop. Initially released on August 18th, 2001, Rhythmbox is GNOME’s default music player. Originally inspired by Apple's iTunes, it is a free software program based on the powerful GStreamer media framework. 

CurseOfWar: A Command-Line RTS (Real-time Strategy) Game for Ubuntu/Linux


CurseOfWar is an action RTS game which incorporates a fast-paced gaming style that allows you to control your territory by focusing on high-level strategic planning. This type of high planning includes some typical war strategies such as creating infrastructure, gathering resources and controlling armies.

BitMessage: A Decentralized P2P Network For Sending/Receiving Encrypted Messages


BitMessage is a Peer-2-Peer network that allows you to send and receive encrypted messages to/from other users or subscribers. It is a decentralized network with a strong focus on privacy and anonymity. You can think of it as a BitCoin network that allows you to exchange text messages instead of currency.