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16-18 May, 2012 Poznań, Poland

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13 Nov 

GeeCON 2013

Preparations for the 5th edition of GeeCON have just started. This time we (once again) invite you to Krakow. Be there on May 15-18, 2013!

23 May 

See you next year!

Thank you for participating in GeeCON 2012! You can read our thank you in a blog post. Expect a survey in your maibox soon as well!


GeeCON 2012: Emily Jang - OSGi Best Practices

Press corner

Kudos to the organizers - a nice, good organized conference in a beautiful city. I met some old friends from all over the world.


Yesterday I heart loads of excuses why the tests have not been written. I immedietaly remembered Misko Hevery's session at amazing geecon conference (be sure to attend next year!).



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