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Do You Need "Personal Accountability and the QBQ!"?

Are you hearing questions like these?

“Why do we have to go through all this change?”

“When will that department do its job right?”

“Why don’t they communicate better?”

“When is someone going to train me?”

“Who’s going to solve the problem?”

“Why can’t we find good people?”

“Who dropped the ball?”

If so, “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” is right for your organization. QBQ! as a book, training system, or live session provides the “how to” of Personal Accountability. The result of extensive research by QBQ! author, John G. Miller, QBQ! applies to all people. Those at every organizational level have found QBQ! life-changing!

Why Do We Exist?

The mission of QBQ, Inc. is this: Helping Organizations Make Personal Accountability a Core Value!

How Do We Do This?

We provide our client organizations —

Training implemented in-house to make Personal Accountability a core value.

Speakers and workshop leaders for any size group or event.

Lots and lots of books. We sell books!

How Does QBQ! Create Value?

When people practice QBQ!, the costly and all-too-common traps of complaining, victim thinking, entitlement, procrastination, finger-pointing, and blame are eliminated. Only then do organizations enhance productivity, teamwork, communication, morale, creativity, safety, staff engagement, and problem-solving. Personal Accountability is the foundation of all success. Also, team members who use QBQ! learn more readily and adapt more quickly to change — both critical in today’s competitive economy.

Designed for and practiced by the individual, QBQ! creates high value for any team. QBQ! is practical, universal, and timeless. The QBQ! message works for organizations in every industry and people at every level, from the grassroots to the executive suite.

“Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” is foundational. Prior to implementing training on customer service, management, sales, change, leadership, or teamwork, Personal Accountability is required. For training to succeed, accountability must be established as a core value within the organization. Otherwise, time and dollars are wasted.

Do you want accountability, ownership, and responsibility as core cultural values? Greater engagement by team members? More effective people management? Enhanced creativity, productivity, and teamwork? Bring QBQ! to your organization today!

The options for bringing QBQ! to your team:

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