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Since developing an initial agreement in 2015, the two organizations have been working to align their architectures and reduce market confusion.
The use of drones to inspect a historical monument has implications for applications for industrial assets—not only outside, but inside as well.
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IT Delivers on Automation’s Promise
IT Delivers on Automation’s Promise

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ABB and Werum IT Solutions team up to deliver integrated MES and batch management, simplifying plant floor operations through a “plug-and-produce” model that conforms to good manufacturing practices.
Fluke releases a new sensor that is easily mounted and movable for equipment vibration detection and analysis to prevent unexpected downtime.
The idea that new digital technologies replace the manufacturing execution system is confusing and risky. A serious digitalization initiative should start with a good MES/MOM system.
Getting executive buy-in, allocating resources and a lack of necessary expertise are a few key challenges that end users faces as they implement alarm management projects.
The New York Power Authority (NYPA) moves quickly to transform and consolidate asset monitoring in a new operations center in White Plains, N.Y.
Successfully connecting devices from different suppliers has long been the goal in industry—and it’s imperative for the Internet of Things. Here are some key interoperability aspects to seek out to ease the integration process.
Support from the FDA, industry groups and automation suppliers is helping pharmaceutical companies break the batch habit in favor of a continuous approach to drug production.
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