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Dec 18

How China Is Taking Control of Hollywood

Hollywood is relying more and more on the Chinese markets to make profits on movies. That means our films are being written with China in mind. This week, on the "Heritage Explains" podcast, we discuss the intersection of the free market and Chinese censorship in Hollywood, and what that means for our culture. 

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Dec 18

'Trump Did Not Violate Campaign Finance Laws'

“You can't use campaign funds to pay personal or business expenses. You can only use campaign funds to pay campaign-related expenses," said Heritage expert Hans von Spakovsky on Fox News.  "The FEC said in the past, this kind of a payment, a hush money payment is a personal expense. It’s not related to your campaign.”

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Dec 14

Heritage to Host Federal Clerkship Training Academy

Heritage is seeking applications for its Federal Clerkship Training Academy, a program open to individuals who have accepted offers for federal clerkships in 2019. The Academy will take place at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., from Feb. 19-21, 2019. Faculty include judges who currently serve on U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals, professors who teach at prominent law schools, and well-known legal practitioners.

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Dec 13

SCOTUS 101: A Big Grant and a Missed Opportunity

This week, Josh Blackman joins Elizabeth Slattery to talk about the news that the justices will hear a big case involving administrative agencies but not one dealing with Planned Parenthood. Elizabeth also chats with Paul Larkin about his many SCOTUS arguments. 

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Dec 12

Theresa May 'Has Failed Miserably' to Negotiate Strong Brexit Deal

Heritage's Nile Gardiner joined Fox News today to talk about important developments on Brexit and the call for a vote of "no confidence" in British Prime Minister Theresa May. Also, the terrorist attack in France and the need for more secure.  

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Dec 11

Heritage Expert Praises Effort to Rollback WOTUS

Today, a new rule was proposed which would effectively erase the Obama-era Waters of the United States. “Congress recognized that cooperative federalism was the best approach to protect the environment. Our nation’s waters will be protected best when those closest to the environmental challenges identify the solutions, not when federal bureaucrats impose a one-size-fits all solution," said Heritage's Daren Bakst. 

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